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No; Young
Pittsford, NY
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8280297 Electophotographic borderless printing method and apparatus October 2, 2012
A method and apparatus for determining whether borderless printing can be done based on media type and desired gloss level is provided. Also provided is a method, printer, and system whereby a defect-free borderless print can be achieved regardless of media type and gloss level of th
8218985 Image printing method with reduced banding July 10, 2012
Cross-track banding artifacts and wear in an electrophotographic (EP) print engine are reduced. A development member and a supply member are disposed so that charge is transferred between them in a charge-transfer region. The members are retained in a first position with respect to each
6747689 Method of operating a multiple component electronic imaging system June 8, 2004
A method of operating an electronic imaging system (20) as a distributed processor network is provided for a system that includes multiple imaging components such as digital cameras (22), printers (34), etc., wherein each component is connected to an intelligence module (24-36) having a
6738090 System and method for using a single intelligence circuit for a plurality of imaging rendering c May 18, 2004
An electronic imaging system and method are provided that include an image capturing component, such as a digital camera, an image rendering component, such as a printer, digital projector, video screen, etc., each of which requires an intelligence circuit for operation, and an intel
6587140 System and method for using a single intelligence circuit in both a digital camera and printer July 1, 2003
A simplified electronic camera and printer imaging system is provided that includes a single intelligence circuit preferably in the form of a PC card that is detachably connectable to either the camera or the printer for converting a data stream generated by the imaging sensor of the cam
6400386 Method of printing a fluorescent image superimposed on a color image June 4, 2002
A method of printing a fluorescent image superimposed on a color image. An image source captures an image and converts the image to an image file that is transferred to a controller. The controller controls operation of a print head that prints a plurality of monochrome images forming a
6226023 Thermal printing media pack May 1, 2001
A thermal print media pack for a thermal printer includes a housing; a roll of thermal print receiver media arranged in the housing; and a roll of thermal dye carrier media arranged in the housing, the thermal dye carrier media having a heat transferable dye on a relatively thin base web
6106172 Method and printer utilizing a single microprocessor to modulate a printhead and implement print August 22, 2000
Both a method and printer are provided that utilize a single microprocessor to modulate a thermal printhead and implement all other printing functions. In the method of the invention, the microprocessor expands numerical image data in the form of binary numbers indicative of the color
6002417 Method and apparatus for dynamically sizing and operating enable groups of thermal elements in a December 14, 1999
Both a method and apparatus are provided for sizing and operating enable groups of thermal elements in a thermal printer to allow the printer to be operated by power sources having outputs too small to operate all of the thermal elements simultaneously. Prior to the printing operation, t
5885015 Dye donor ribbon cartridge having a shield and method for use in a printer March 23, 1999
A dye donor cartridge and method for use in a printer. The cartridge comprises a dye donor ribbon formed into a roll. The dye donor ribbon has an end portion. A shield is attached to the end portion of the dye donor ribbon and surrounds the dye donor ribbon as the dye donor ribbon forms
5853253 Printer and method adapted to precisely position a dye receiver portion December 29, 1998
A printer and method adapted to precisely position a dye receiver portion. The printer and method properly positions the dye receiver portion for printing successive images onto the dye receiver portion with precise color registration and constant length, as the dye receiver portion
5851076 Printer adapted to guide a dye donor therein and method therefor December 22, 1998
Printer adapted to guide a dye donor therein and method therefor. The dye donor ribbon has a leading end portion, which in turn has a plurality of sprocket holes spaced along parallel side portions of the leading end portion. A print head activates the dye donor ribbon to transfer dye
5196868 Image receiving sheet inversion sensing techniques March 23, 1993
The present invention relates to techniques for ensuring that an image receiving sheet, which has only one major surface thereof coated with an image receiving coating, is properly oriented prior to an image being printed thereon. The image receiving sheet has a concave or convex irr
5087925 Small diameter drum thermal printer using edge detector February 11, 1992
In a thermal printer having a small diameter drum, a sensor having an emitter and detector detects the lead edge of a receiver sheet just prior to its entry into the nip between the drum and a print head.
5053790 Parasitic resistance compensation for thermal printers October 1, 1991
A thermal printhead having a plurality of resistive heat elements receives electrical current from a power supply. The current is directed to selected ones of a plurality of heat elements in response to a sequence of data bits corresponding to the image to be recorded. The number of

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