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Nelson; David C.
Copley, OH
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4921402 Balloon inflator valve May 1, 1990
A valving mechanism for a balloon inflator is presented. The valving mechanism is attached to an inflator comprising a fan driven by a through-flow motor. A piston, received within a cylinder, has two bores passing therethrough, the first bore communicating with atmosphere, and the s
4906170 Apparatus for printing on plastic tubing March 6, 1990
An apparatus is presented for printing material on an extruded plastic tubing. An extruder forms the plastic tubing of the desired diameter and thickness. The tubing is then drawn through a cooling bath by a pulling mechanism, and cut into desired lengths. The tubing may be dried after t
4895545 Balloon cup holder and stick January 23, 1990
An integral balloon cup holder and stick is provided in which the cup has a longitudinal slit passing through the sidewall thereof from an open end of the cup to a closed end thereof which is attached to a shaft. The slot terminates at the stick. The cup has a neck and shoulder portion w
4798554 Balloon holder January 17, 1989
Disclosed are one-piece, funnel shaped balloon holders, comprising a conical cup and a hollow cylindrical stem. A longitudinal slit extends the entire length of the balloon holder, from the upper edge of the cup to the lower end of the stem, to permit insertion of the neck of a balloon i
4715841 Balloon holder December 29, 1987
Balloon holder for toy balloons. The balloon holder of the invention has a cup and a stem. The latter for insertion into one end of a hollow balloon stick. The stem is of such shape that the neck of the balloon is completely concealed between the stem and the balloon stick. The preferred

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