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Nakao; Shinroku
Kanagawa, JP
No. of patents:

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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D313934 Cord clip January 22, 1991
D305218 Baby stroller December 26, 1989
D303459 Baby seat September 19, 1989
D302707 Toy vehicle August 8, 1989
D302189 Animal toy July 11, 1989
D302188 Animal toy July 11, 1989
D302028 Animal toy July 4, 1989
D298925 Baby stroller December 13, 1988
D298267 Ergometer October 25, 1988
D296224 Toy vehicle June 14, 1988
D294889 Baby seat March 29, 1988
D294153 Toy vehicle February 9, 1988
D293662 Baby stroller January 12, 1988
D293661 Baby stroller January 12, 1988
D293329 Toy vehicle December 22, 1987
D291214 Toy vehicle August 4, 1987
D291156 Convertible high chair August 4, 1987
D290149 Ergometer June 2, 1987
D290029 Toy vehicle May 26, 1987
D288544 Baby stroller March 3, 1987
D287405 Electric massager December 23, 1986
D286569 Urinal for female patient November 4, 1986
D285458 Toy rattle September 2, 1986
D282673 Toy rattle February 18, 1986
D282383 Musical toy January 28, 1986
D282184 Toy vehicle January 14, 1986
D282091 Toy vehicle January 7, 1986
D281984 Toy block December 31, 1985
D281792 Toy vehicle December 17, 1985
D281354 Electric massage instrument November 12, 1985
D279811 Ergometer July 23, 1985
D278657 Medical corset April 30, 1985
D278644 Driving toy April 30, 1985
D277745 Baby stroller February 26, 1985
D275581 Toy rattle September 18, 1984
D275525 Slipper September 18, 1984
D275502 Musical activity toy September 11, 1984
D275429 Sandal September 11, 1984
D274921 Toy vehicle July 31, 1984
D274097 Heat therapeutic belt May 29, 1984
D273727 Baby seat May 8, 1984
D273210 Toy trumpet March 27, 1984
D273125 Animal figure toy March 20, 1984
D272551 Toy vehicle February 7, 1984
D256259 Rattle August 5, 1980
5004253 Guard attachment/removal structure in baby carriage April 2, 1991
A guard for a baby carriage in which armrests have fitting holes facing a front surface and a guard has fitting pipes which are insertable into these fitting holes. Each of the fitting pipes has a biased tab which is engageable with a engagement hole at the side of a cylidrical hole at t
4832361 Foldable baby carriage May 23, 1989
A foldable baby carriage also having a handle bar shiftable from a forward to a reverse position. Within a lower portion on each side of the handle bar is located a slider casing containing two sliders. Each slider holds a bar projecting through the casing of the handle bar to engage eit
4817938 Bicycle ergometer and eddy current brake therefor April 4, 1989
A bicycle ergometer includes an eddy current brake having a rotor assembly including an iron material having a carbon content of 0.12% or less and a silcon content of 0.35% or less, a stator provided in the rotor assembly, a plurality of exciting coils provided on the stator, and a power
4805928 Reclining mechanism of baby carriage February 21, 1989
A reclining mechanism for controlling the inclination angle of a back rest in a baby carriage includes a horizontal cross bar connected to two vertical frame bars to form a U-shape. On the back of the backrest, a rack having several horizontal grooves can selectively engage the cross bar
4800310 Bicycle ergometer and eddy current brake therefor January 24, 1989
A bicycle ergometer includes an eddy current brake having a flywheel rotor assembly including an inner part of iron material having a carbon content of 0.12% or less and a silicon content of 0.35% or less, a stator provided inside the rotor assembly, a plurality of exciting coils provide
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