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Nakano; Hiroshi
Nagoya, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8200124 Belt unit and image forming device June 12, 2012
A belt unit includes an endless belt, a drive roller, a follow roller, and a braking member. The drive roller drives the endless belt to move circularly. The follow roller rotates about a rotational shaft thereof following the circular movement of the endless belt. The rotational shaft
8126361 Image forming apparatus with combined belt unit and sheet guide member February 28, 2012
A laser printer has an opening formed at its front surface side and a front cover for opening and closing the opening. A belt unit is attachably and detachably provided with respect to a body casing via the opening in a state where the front cover is opened. A guide member for guidin
8081902 Image-forming device with detachable belt unit December 20, 2011
An image-forming device includes a body frame, a belt unit, and a process cartridge. The belt unit includes a belt unit main frame having a first main end portion and a second main end portion in a first direction, a first roller disposed at the first main end portion, a second roller
8078081 Image-forming device having a belt cleaning unit December 13, 2011
The present invention provides an image-forming device having a developer-carrying member, an image-carrying member, a belt, and a cleaning unit. The developer-carrying member has an outer surface including a thin layer forming region for carrying a thin layer of developer. The thin
7796911 Image forming device having a belt cleaning unit September 14, 2010
An image-forming device has a developer-carrying member, an image-carrying member, a belt, and a cleaning unit. The developer-carrying member has an outer surface including a layer forming region for carrying a thin layer of developer. The layer forming region has a first width in a widt
7693446 Cleaning apparatus and image forming apparatus April 6, 2010
There is provided a cleaning apparatus capable of preventing counter-bending of a stripper blade in a more reliable manner. The cleaning apparatus removes toner from a circulation mechanism having a circulating surface that circulates in a two-dimensional manner around one pivotal sh
7623809 Image forming apparatus having belt unit November 24, 2009
A plurality of image bearing members is supported by an apparatus main body and is arranged in a predetermined direction. A belt unit is configured to be detachably mounted on the apparatus main body. The belt unit includes a belt frame, a plurality of belt support rollers, a belt, a
7620346 Electrophotographic image forming device enabling to easily mount belt unit at regular position November 17, 2009
A belt unit is provided with pressure-receiving parts, and a photosensitive unit is provided with pressing parts that applies pressing force to the pressure-receiving parts when the photosensitive unit is inserted to a main body of an image forming device along a guide groove formed
7599638 Image forming apparatus having high voltage power supplies October 6, 2009
An image forming apparatus comprising an image bearing member, a transfer mechanism that transfers a developer image formed on the image bearing member, a charger that charges the image bearing member, a first high voltage power supply substrate that applies a first voltage to the tr
7474868 Belt unit and image-forming device having the same January 6, 2009
A belt unit includes a drive roller, a follower roller and an endless belt looped around the drive roller and follower roller, and formed of a resilient material. The drive roller transfers a first force based on the driving force to the endless belt to circularly move at a first velocit
7454158 Image forming apparatus with accommodation spaces November 18, 2008
A laser printer is detachably provided with a carrier belt, support rollers for supporting the carrier belt, and a belt unit provided with a belt frame. A unit support portion for supporting a bearing portion of the support roller and a unit support portion for supporting a bearing p
7424947 Image forming apparatus September 16, 2008
An image forming apparatus includes a belt unit detachably installed in a main body, a first positioning mechanism provided in the main body to rotatably support a first support roller, a second positioning mechanism provided in the main body to rotatably support a second support roller,
7229070 Rotary clutch device and sheet feeder using the same June 12, 2007
A rotary clutch device includes: a tooth-partially-lacking gear that can mesh with a drive gear and is given initial rotation force; a rotatable cam body that is concentric with the tooth-partially-lacking gear, having an engagement step; and an elastic body. An engagement lever is engag
7128316 Sheet feeding device October 31, 2006
A sheet feeding device includes a sheet feeding roller and a holder body. A separation pad is arranged on an upstream side, in a feeding direction of a recording medium, within a concave portion of a top surface side of the holder body facing a surface of the sheet feeding roller. On a
5943525 Toner remaining detection unit in an image forming apparatus August 24, 1999
A toner remaining detection unit is provided that displays the amount of remaining toner according to the number of transitions from a low state to a full state. This operation ensures that the amount of remaining toner is not determined incorrectly when toner fluidity is reduced, while
5913097 Developing device, image forming apparatus, and toner fillable cartridge that includes an agitat June 15, 1999
A developing device for use with an image forming apparatus can properly detect a residual toner level by adjusting the toner diffusion in a toner cartridge. The developing device stirs toner in the toner cartridge by rotating an agitator in the toner cartridge, and supplies the stirred
5890034 Developing device for image forming apparatus and toner cartridge for use in the developing devi March 30, 1999
In the laser printer for performing image formation through an electrophotography process, the agitator 32 is rotated to agitate toner in the toner cartridge 30 to supply toner through the toner exhaust port 206 to the process unit 7. To rotate the agitator 32, the engagement member
5842091 Toner supplying device for use in image forming apparatus that maintains positional relations be November 24, 1998
A toner supplying device is constructed such that, at each side of a pair of supporting plates 39 rotatably about a rotating center C, a toner supply roller 20, an upper and lower auger rollers 35 and 34, and a developing roller 19 are integrally supported, and each supporting plate
5546109 Filter device for ink jet printer August 13, 1996
A filter device that is usable for a print head in an ink jet printer. The filter device is interposed between an ink reservoir and the ink ejecting nozzles. Two flat, permeable thin films are juxtaposed with an adequate clearance from the inlet of a filter chamber toward the outlet ther
5540423 Sheet feeding device having a plurality of rollers positioned side by side July 30, 1996
A sheet feeding device avoiding diagonal feeding of a sheet for use in an image forming apparatus. The image forming apparatus includes a sheet cassette and a sheet supply roller unit positioned deviatedly with respect to a widthwise center of the cassette. The deviated position of the s
5409138 Liquid supply device April 25, 1995
An ink filter having a fine mesh structure secured to an ink supply passageway is erected at a side portion of an ink reservoir. An upper portion of the ink reservoir communicates with the atmosphere through an air filter, a lower side portion communicates with the ink supply passage

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