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Nakano; Harumi
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5130813 Image data supervising system July 14, 1992
An image data supervising system includes an imaging device, a reproducing device and a data supervising unit for processing, for instance, an electronic still image. In the image data supervising system, the still images are recorded on a recording medium such as a video floppy disk, an
5043816 Electronic still camera including photographing timing control August 27, 1991
An electronic still camera is equipped with a semiconductor memory in which a plurality of images photographed in a shutter standby condition are temporarily stored. An image taken when the shutter is depressed can be substituted with any image among the plural images which have been sto
4845351 IC card July 4, 1989
An IC including an EEP-ROM is formed on a semiconductor wafer. The IC also has exposed address pads connected to the address bus of the EEP-ROM, and exposed data pads connected to the data bus of the EEP-ROM. A test probe is brought into contact with these pads, thereby performing variou
4816656 IC card system March 28, 1989
An IC card system uses at least one of the RESET, I/O, and CLOCK terminals of an IC card so as to serially and/or parallel input multivalue signals having different levels. The levels of the input signals are detected at a detector or detectors and outputs therefrom are compared at a com
4810862 System for judging propriety of use of an integrated circuit card with a card terminal March 7, 1989
The data for setting the operating conditions of an IC card is transferred from the IC card to the card terminal, and stored in it. The IC card is driven by the stored data. A signal for checking a state of the compatibility of the IC card with the card terminal is exchanged with each
4780602 IC card October 25, 1988
When data is written in a predetermined memory area of a data memory in an IC card, a comparator checks whether the data before writing and data actually written in the data memory coincide. In the event of non-coincidence of the compared data, the data to be written is written in a
4755660 IC card system July 5, 1988
An IC card system includes a memory, having a plurality of areas into which history data of transactions made with the use of an IC card is written, a detecting unit for calculating the number of available history data areas of plurality of data storage areas and display means provided i
4752677 Customer service system for use in IC card system June 21, 1988
A customer service system for use in an IC card system comprises a customer's IC card, a display, a display controller, and a customer's IC card read-write unit. The IC card includes an IC having a first memory for storing an ID number, a second memory for storing secret data, an int
4749982 Intelligent card June 7, 1988
In an intelligent card, a keyboard has numeric keys for entering identification information and a collation execution key. A solar cell, a display device and an IC chip for performing arithmetic operations and card identification are incorporated in a case. The IC chip includes a non
4734569 IC card March 29, 1988
When identification data stored in a predetermined area of a data memory in an IC card and data supplied from a card terminal coincide, the data stored in the data memory is substantially erased.
4727246 IC card February 23, 1988
An IC card comprises a core member having an integrated circuit pellet storing portion made of an insulating material and defined by an opening of a predetermined shape, a plurality of conductive metal foils each having one end at which integrated circuit pellet connecting portions are
4727244 IC card system February 23, 1988
The data representing the ability and function of the hardware of an IC card as prestored in the IC card is read out from the IC card in response to a reset signal applied from a card terminal. The read out data is stored in the card terminal via a connection terminal. In this card t
4692601 Identification card including switching means for built-in battery September 8, 1987
An identification card such as an IC card includes a built-in type battery, a central processing unit, a RAM, an FET switch and a latch circuit. An IC card production, the RAM is not energized by the battery when the FET switch is turned off in conjunction with the latch circuit. When th
4677569 Computer controlled by voice input June 30, 1987
A computer controlled by a voice input has a speech recognition section for converting a keyword of a program which is entered by the voice input and corresponds to a start number, thereby obtaining a digital code. The digital code data which indicates the keyword selects the start numbe
4564923 Interconnectable electronic game apparatus January 14, 1986
Electronic game apparatus which is interconnectable with other like game apparatus to enable two or more players to participate with their own apparatus, includes a keyboard section and a memory for storing a game program. Processing circuitry operates continuously to decode and impl

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