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Nakamura; Mitsuhiro
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D459333 Disc player June 25, 2002
D441350 Disc player May 1, 2001
D435543 Remote controller for disc player December 26, 2000
D432514 Disc player October 24, 2000
D412331 Transmitter July 27, 1999
D409197 Headphone May 4, 1999
D405449 Headphone February 9, 1999
D399206 Headphone October 6, 1998
D391573 Headphone March 3, 1998
D387784 Headphone holder December 16, 1997
D385872 Magnet optical disc recorder/player November 4, 1997
D371357 Television for a digital video disc player July 2, 1996
D353818 Headphone December 27, 1994
D351598 Headphone October 18, 1994
D351597 Headphone October 18, 1994
D351172 Headphone October 4, 1994
D350354 Headphone September 6, 1994
D349903 Headphone August 23, 1994
D349114 Tape player combined with a radio tuner July 26, 1994
D341591 Digital audio disc player November 23, 1993
D336281 Battery charger June 8, 1993
8589339 Data collection device, program, and data collection method November 19, 2013
The present invention provides a data collection device that lightens a registering workload for an administrator and prevents that a set of procedures for a data collection is started later than a registered start time. A data collection device 101 comprises: a database 105 in which
7178037 Computer program copy management system February 13, 2007
An ID (MID) is attached to each individual optical disk, and content is encrypted with a Content-Key and registered. In addition, a system server device maintains a Client ID of a client terminal device, HDD-ID of a hard disk drive (HDD), and MC-ID of a memory card respectively held as
6791810 Protection circuit of field effect transistor and semiconductor device September 14, 2004
There is provided a protection circuit of a field effect transistor having a structure which can be fabricated without restricting a pattern layout and without increasing a process step. A protection circuit of a field effect transistor is a protection circuit of a Schottky gate HFET, an
6365925 Semiconductor device April 2, 2002
A semiconductor device that is easily operated with a single positive voltage supply and exhibits an excellent linearity of mutual conductance and source-gate capacitance with regard to a gate voltage is provided. The semiconductor device comprises a second barrier layer of AlGaAs, a cha
6313534 Ohmic electrode, method and multi-layered structure for making same November 6, 2001
To realize an ohmic electrode having practically satisfactory characteristics relative to GaAs semiconductors, first formed on an n.sup.+ -type GaAs substrate are a Ni thin film with a thickness between 8 nm and 30 nm, an In thin film with a thickness between 2 nm and 6 nm and a Ge t
5773304 Method for quantitatively determining cholesterol June 30, 1998
A method for quantitatively determining cholesterol in high density lipoproteins, in which, prior to the determination of cholesterol by an enzymatic method, a surfactant and a substance which forms a complex with lipoproteins other than high density lipoproteins are added to a sample
4929804 Push button switch May 29, 1990
A push button switch which may be used, for example, as a zooming switch in a video camera, having a uniform electrical resistance/applied pressure characteristic and which can be manufactured easily and at a low cost. The switch includes a conductive layer and a pressure-sensitive resis

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