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Nakamura; Keiji
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8171506 Optical-system driving device effecting switchover between objective lenses for achieving focal May 1, 2012
An optical-system driving device is achieved that can switch over between objective lenses and is space-saving, lightweight, and simply-configured. An optical-system driving device for recording information onto or playing it back from an optical storage medium, includes a stationary
8154980 Object lens driving apparatus and manufacturing method thereof April 10, 2012
An objective lens driving apparatus includes an objective lens (13) collecting a light flux emitted from a light source on a optical disk (11), and a lens holder (14) holding the objective lens (13). The lens holder (14) includes a first bonding portion (14i) and a second bonding por
8042130 Optical driving device including a holder with a top face having a closed structure October 18, 2011
The optical driving device according to the present invention includes a holder for holding a plurality of optical each of which focuses on an optical disk a light beam outputted from a light source, focusing coils, and tracking coils; a plurality of elastic support members for supportin
7870572 Objective lens driving apparatus, assembling method thereof and optical head January 11, 2011
An object lens driving apparatus (100) includes a lens holder (4) that holds an object lens (1) facing a recording medium and is so supported that the lens holder (4) is movable toward and away from the surface of the recording medium. A focusing coil (5) is fixed in the interior of the
7701812 Optical element driving apparatus April 20, 2010
An optical element driving apparatus includes a holder that holds a plurality of switchable optical elements for focusing light on a recording medium, a resiliently deformable supporting unit that supports the holder, a focusing driving unit that drives the holder in a direction of o
6646792 Light amplifier and light transmission system using the same November 11, 2003
An optical output signal of an optical amplifier 1 branched by an optical divider/splitter 2 is separated by an optical demultiplexor 3 into different paths .quadrature.1 to .quadrature.n in accordance with the wavelength, and the level of each different wavelength component is adjus
6449411 Optical wavelength tunable filter September 10, 2002
An optical wavelength tunable filter includes an optical waveguide having a first branched optical waveguide and a second branched optical waveguide merging into one piece of the optical waveguide through which optical wavelength multiplexed signals, each having a different wavelength
6229643 Optical fiber amplifier surge protective apparatus May 8, 2001
An optical fiber amplifier surge protective apparatus includes an optical branch unit, an optical delay circuit, a light input hit detecting circuit, a compensation optical signal generating circuit, and an optical multiplexer. The optical branch unit branches an optical signal input fro
5986984 Optical information processing device having switchable optics for use with plural media types November 16, 1999
The reference character 5 denotes a supporting shaft holding base, which holds the lower end of a supporting shaft 103 coated with fluororesin with a small frictional coefficient. The reference characters 107a and 107b are tracking magnets bipolar-magnetized in the right and left directi
4570096 Electromechanical translation device comprising an electrostrictive driver of a stacked ceramic February 11, 1986
In a device of the type of an Inchworm Translator as called by Burleigh Instruments, Inc., N.Y., an electromechanical driver for a shaft of the device comprises a plurality of electrostrictive layers stacked longitudinally of the driver with internal electrodes interposed. Preferably
4428691 Dot matrix printer head January 31, 1984
Arranged in the bottom of a cup-shaped cylindrical casing is a solid disc form of axially uniformly magnetized permanent magnet having a single pair of poles each formed on one or the other of its opposite end faces over the whole region thereof. A circular plate of magnetically permeabl

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