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Nagano; Akihiko
Ichihara, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7741590 Image sensor and image sensing apparatus comprising waveguide and multilayer wiring structure June 22, 2010
An image sensor comprises a photoelectric conversion unit; a transfer transistor which has a gate electrode; a multilayer wiring structure which defines an aperture region above the photoelectric conversion unit; and a waveguide which guides light entering the aperture region to the
7616879 Optical apparatus and image-taking system November 10, 2009
There is provided an optical apparatus that provides quick and precise TTL phase difference detection and pupil slicing focus detection. An optical apparatus includes a first optical element for splitting a first polarized light component contained in light that passes an exit pupil of
7294819 Solid state image sensor including transparent film layers each having a convex lens-shaped port November 13, 2007
Light incident on a microlens at a large incident angle can be efficiently guided to a photo-electric converting portion in a solid state image sensor. In a solid state image sensor having a plurality of pixels, each of the plurality of pixels includes a microlens which condenses light,
7119319 Solid-state image sensing element and its design support method, and image sensing device October 10, 2006
A solid-state image sensing element has a photoelectric conversion element which converts incoming light into an electrical signal in accordance with an amount of the light, a microlens which is arranged on an incident surface, a light guide which is arranged between the photoelectric
6518940 Image display apparatus February 11, 2003
An image display apparatus includes a storage display element which stores an image by receiving image light from a film frame and displays the stored image, a display device capable of selectively displaying one of a film frame number and information other than the film frame number, an
6222509 Image display apparatus April 24, 2001
An image display apparatus having a storage/display element for receiving writing light indicative of an image obtained from an original, storing the image and displaying the stored image, includes a light detecting mechanism for detecting light which has an influence on writing, and a
6040880 Display device March 21, 2000
A display device includes a spatial light modulator capable of writing therein an image and capable of reading therefrom the written image by converting the image, and an illumination device which transmissively illuminates the spatial light modulator through respective different paths
5983030 Optical apparatus having a visual axis detector November 9, 1999
An optical apparatus including a first detection mechanism for detecting a corneal image reflected by a cornea of an eye and detecting information defining a refraction of spectacles, and a second detection mechanism for detecting the rotation amount of the eye using the detected corneal
5983029 Optical apparatus equipped with sight line detector November 9, 1999
An optical apparatus including a detecting unit for detecting sight line direction of a human eye, a correcting data forming unit, electrically connected to the detecting unit, for forming correcting data as to personal difference of a human eye, a visual mark presenting unit electri
5913080 Optical apparatus equipped with sight line detector June 15, 1999
An apparatus for using correction data to correct for personal differences, to provide sight line information. The apparatus includes an image sensor for photographing an eyeball, a pupil diameter determination device for determining a pupil diameter of the eyeball in accordance with an
5797046 Visual axis controllable optical apparatus including a visual axis detecting device for detectin August 18, 1998
A visual axis controllable optical apparatus, which is used in different postures. The optical apparatus includes a light detecting device for receiving light reflected by an eye, and detecting the intensity distribution of the received light, a storage device for storing personal da
5771402 Optical apparatus equipped with sight line detector June 23, 1998
An optical apparatus for detecting rotation of an eyeball of an observer to provide sight line information, including an optical unit for imaging light flux from the eye of the observer, an image sensor for receiving light flux from the optical unit, and a control unit for designating a
5761543 Apparatus for measuring anterior eye portion June 2, 1998
There is disclosed an apparatus including an illuminating unit for illuminating an eyeball, a light-receiving unit for receiving light reflected by the eyeball to measure the state of an anterior eye portion, and a holding unit for holding the illuminating unit and the light-receivin
5752090 Optical device having a line of sight detection apparatus May 12, 1998
An optical device having a line of sight detection circuit, includes a line of sight detection circuit for detecting the line of sight of a user, a display member for displaying the position of the line of sight detected by the line of sight detection circuit, an operation unit which can
5696998 Optical apparatus equipped with sight line detector December 9, 1997
A sight line detecting device includes a controller operable in a sight line information using mode for controlling an optical apparatus for use in accordance with sight line information, and usable in a sight line information prohibiting mode for controlling the apparatus without using
5692222 Camera having focus detection device November 25, 1997
A focus adjusting apparatus which includes a focus detection device for independently detecting focus states of N different regions in a scene. The apparatus includes a selection circuit and a focus adjustment circuit. The selection circuit simultaneously selects, among the N regions, an
5634141 Visual axis detection device capable of reducing detection errors due to variations of eyes amon May 27, 1997
A visual axis detection apparatus including a correction data storage section to store the correction data to correct errors in the detected visual information; an individual variation correction data detection system to detect the individual variation data related to the visual axis
5610681 Optical eye-control apparatus March 11, 1997
An apparatus having an irradiation device for irradiating the eye of an observer; a sensor having a number of pixels with a set pitch; an image forming optical unit for imaging light reflected by the eye onto the sensor; and an electronic circuit for making a signal denoting the dire
5600399 Optical apparatus and camera for controlling a plurality of functions by using a visual axis February 4, 1997
This invention relates to an optical apparatus with a visual axis detection function. The apparatus having finder means for observing an object, and visual axis detection means for detecting a visual axis position of an observer who looks into a field of view of a finder comprises a visu
5579080 Camera including an apparatus for detecting a line of sight November 26, 1996
A camera is provided having a line-of-sight detecting device for detecting a line of sight of an observer, photometric means for detecting luminances of subareas into which a luminance detection area is partitioned, a selecting means for selecting a specific subarea from the plurality of
5579079 Optical apparatus equipped with sight line detector November 26, 1996
An apparatus for detecting information of an eye of a person includes a light illuminating unit for illuminating the eye of the person with light from a plurality of different positions, a photoelectrical changing device for detecting light reflected from the eye, and a controlling devic
5561289 Device for detecting line of sight October 1, 1996
In a device for detecting the line of sight of the observer, when the detection of the line of sight is identified as having failed, the detection is effected again with a variation in the output signal of the eyeball image or in the detection threshold value for detecting the featur
5546158 View point detecting apparatus wherein first and subsequent view point data are compared August 13, 1996
View point detecting apparatus wherein first and subsequent view point data are compared includes state detecting structure for detecting the state of an observer's view point. Circuitry is provided for determining, when amounts of a variation between a first view point information and a
5485241 Optical equipment with device for detecting direction of visual axis January 16, 1996
An optical apparatus with a visual axis detecting device for converting the light reflected from the eyeball into an electrical signal and calculating the direction of visual axis from the electrical signal.Plural pairs of illuminating light sources are provided around the view finder, a
5473403 Camera having a multi-point focus detecting device December 5, 1995
The present invention relates to a multi-point distance measuring camera. The present invention provides a camera in which target marks representative of distance measuring points are indicated in an image field in a finder to thereby indicate for which object focus detection can be

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