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Muramatsu; Tateo
Yokohama, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6467999 Internal pressure regulating system for flexible bag body, flexible membrane dam using the same, October 22, 2002
There is provided an internal pressure regulating system in which when a flexible bag body used for a collapsible dam is excessively pressurized, gas within the bag body is discharged. The system includes a flexible bag body which can be inflated with gas, and a pipe having opposite ends
6354762 Mounting member and flexible membrane dam March 12, 2002
A flexible membrane dam is provided which can be installed easily and in which a concentration of stress at a time the dam is made to stand is less than in conventional structures. Mounting hardware for the dam is also provided. When a fluid such as air is supplied to an interior of a
6213683 Flexible film weir April 10, 2001
A flexible film, of which a flexible film weir is composed, has a two-dimensional configuration when expanded, and the total length of the periphery of the flexible film is set longer than the mounting length of mounting faces (a river bed and faces of slopes). Weights are attached on
6179521 Flexible membrane mounting metal fitting and flexible membrane inflating structural body January 30, 2001
A flexible membrane inflating structural body is fixed to a structure such as a bed and slope sides of a waterway by using a mounting metal fitting comprising a first metal fitting and a second metal fitting. The flexible membrane inflating structural body is erected by supplying a fluid
6139121 Positive drive rubber track October 31, 2000
A positive drive endless rubber track system for the undercarriage of a vehicle, the rubber track including spaced guide lugs projecting inwardly therefrom, the undercarriage including a drive wheel having spaced sprocket pins thereon, idler wheels, and tension adapting wheels around
6102620 Rubber dam and method of application thereof August 15, 2000
A rubber sheet is formed in a bag shape, and a seam portion of the bag-shaped rubber sheet is fixed to a summit portion of an overflow dam. When the bag-shaped rubber sheet is expanded, a rubber dam is raised, thereby damming up water and adjusting the amount of running water. Next,
5540489 Rubber track assembly July 30, 1996
A rubber track assembly comprising a driving wheel, an idler wheel, an endless rubber track extending around the driving wheel and the idler wheel and having a plurality of rubber lugs formed on its outer circumference and a plurality of rubber guide projections formed on its inner s
5536464 Apparatus and method for curing endless rubber track July 16, 1996
The present invention provides novel apparatus and a novel method for manufacturing an endless rubber track for large vehicles such as tractors or earth-moving machines. A plurality of sprocket-engaging core bar inserts are disposed in the inner portion or inner diameter of the endless
5447365 Rubber track assembly September 5, 1995
A rubber track assembly comprising a driving wheel, an idler wheel, an endless rubber track extending around the driving wheel and the idler wheel and having a plurality of rubber lugs formed on its outer circumference and a plurality of rubber guide projections formed on its inner s
5427443 Annular elastic track June 27, 1995
An annular elastic track having sprocket-driven protrusions on the inner circumference and lugs on the outer circumference. The annular elastic track comprises a plurality of annular thin plates spaced radially from one another with a predetermined interval and embedded in layers in the
5295741 Core bar for rubber track and rubber track traveling device March 22, 1994
A core bar for a rubber track includes wings on both sides to be embedded in an elastic member of the rubber track, a bridging center for connecting the wings, and driving protrusions provided on both sides of the bridging center and projecting from the inner circumferential surface of t
4836713 Flexible sheet dams June 6, 1989
A flexible sheet dam is secured to the riverbed along two securing lines at upstream and downstream sides. In this dam, at least one concave and/or convex region is made in the plane of the riverbed between the two securing lines in a direction parallel to the securing lines, whereby the
4662783 Flexible membraneous weir May 5, 1987
A flexible membraneous weir is disclosed. When air once filled in an air type flexible membrane weir is discharged in order to cause it to collapse, its membraneous wall is deformed in a V-shape at one portion in the river width direction, and a stream concentrates into this portion.
4498810 Collapsible rubber dam February 12, 1985
A collapsible rubber dam secured to a riverbed portion and slope portions of both riverbanks is inflated and deflated by supply and discharge of a fluid. A pipe for supply and discharge of a fluid is communicated with the inside of the rubber dam from the shape portion of at least one ri
4330224 Collapsible rubber dam installation May 18, 1982
A collapsible rubber dam installation comprising a rubber dam built across a watercourse such as a river or the like and operative to be raised by supplying fluid such as air, water or the like. The dam is collapsed by discharging the fluid therein into atmosphere. A fluid supply and
4299514 Collapsible rubber dam November 10, 1981
A collapsible rubber dam is disclosed. The collapsible rubber dam comprises a flexible plate body composed of a rubbery elastomeric material and provided with at least one split part at a predetermined position in a thickness direction and along a lengthwise direction thereof. The flexib

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