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Mothrath; Melanie
Dusseldorf, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8092901 Multi-layer weather-resistant, coloured panel January 10, 2012
A multilayer product characterized by its improved weatherability and mechanical properties is disclosed. The product contains a layer A containing a member selected from the group consisting of transparent thermoplastic material and a lacquer, the member containing at least one UV a
7425358 Copolycarbonates having improved flowability September 16, 2008
An optical data storage comprising a thermoplastic copolycarbonate is disclosed. The copolycarbonate contains at least one unit derived from dihydroxydiphenyl ether and at least one unit derived from at least one member selected from the group consisting of 4,4'dihydroxybiphenyl and
7279544 Transesterification process for the production of polycarbonates having a low content of volatil October 9, 2007
A multi stage process for the production of polycarbonates having low monomer content is disclosed. The process entails, in sequence, (i) transesterifying in the melt at least one dihydroxyaryl compound with at least one diaryl carbonate in the presence of at least one onium catalyst
7250483 Inhibition of catalytically active impurities in polycarbonate by the melt transesterification p July 31, 2007
An improvement to the melt transesterification process for the preparation of polycarbonate is disclosed. The improvement entails adding to the process between its medium viscosity reactor and a high viscosity reactor at least one bridged ester of organic sulphur-containing acid.
7091302 Process for the preparation of polycarbonate August 15, 2006
The invention describes a process for the preparation of polycarbonate. The process includes (a) transesterifying at least one aromatic dihydroxyaryl compound and a diaryl carbonate in the melt in the presence of a catalyst, (b) mixing the melt obtained in step (a) with a foaming age
7060788 Process for stripping monomers and other volatile constituents from polymer melts June 13, 2006
A process for stripping volatile constituents from polymer melts is disclosed. The process entails introducing the polymer melt into a horizontally oriented cylindrical device that contains a plurality of perforated disks rotating about a common horizontally oriented, externally driv
6858303 Polycarbonate containing diphenyl carbonate and sheets made therefrom February 22, 2005
A thermoplastic molding composition comprising polycarbonate and 50 ppm to 300 ppm, in relation to the weight of the composition, of diphenyl carbonate is disclosed. The composition is especially suitable for the preparation of extruded sheets, in particular coextruded.

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