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Moritz; Elan
Lynn Haven, FL
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7735781 Method and system for deployment of ordnance from an aircraft in mid-flight June 15, 2010
A system for in-air deployment of objects utilizes an aircraft having a hatch that can be opened while the aircraft is in mid-flight. An air and pressure tight container stowed within the aircraft has a doorway that is sealed to and about the hatch from within the aircraft. Mounted withi
7637224 Command inflatable boat stopping barrier December 29, 2009
An inflatable barrier system halts an approaching boat. A barrier support platform houses a pressurized gas source and a power supply and has a winch connected to a pair of cables. An inflatable barrier body member having a bow and stern is coupled to the pressurized gas source for i
7515738 Biometric data collection and storage system April 7, 2009
A biometric data collection and storage system includes stations (e.g., checkpoints such as those found in airports, seaports and border crossings) for collecting biometric data from each individual passing therethrough. The biometric data includes a variety individual-specific biome
7386151 System and method for assessing suspicious behaviors June 10, 2008
Identity and biometric data are collected from individuals. The collected data is used to form biometric data packages, each of which contains information about one biometric feature and identity data associated with the corresponding individual. Each biometric data package is stored in
7373523 Preparing data for storage in a secure fashion May 13, 2008
Digital data is prepared for storage in a secure fashion. Each data byte of a data file is encrypted. A unique bit number is assigned to each data bit in the encrypted data bytes where the bit number identifies a position of the data bit in the data file. Each such bit number is encr
7299152 Correlating event data for large geographic area November 20, 2007
Event data associated with possible terrorist activities occurring at geographically-dispersed locations is monitored and analyzed. Event data collected from the locations is delineated by one or more data classes. Statistical analyses performed on the event data are based on one of a
7263588 Data storage system using geographically-distributed storage devices/facilities August 28, 2007
A data storage system has data storage devices dispersed over a geographic area such that any two of the data storage devices are separated by a distance measured in miles or kilometers. A processing system coupled to the data storage devices performs several functions that culminate in
7263190 System for securing the confidentiality of electronically stored data in the event of the physic August 28, 2007
To secure the confidentiality of data stored in data storage devices, a position determination system is mechanically coupled to the data storage devices and continuously determines a position thereof. A processor, provided with an authorized location for the data storage devices, fa
6853875 System for the combined handling, delivery and/or protection of multiple standardized containers February 8, 2005
An unmanned system is provided for the handling and delivery of a plurality of operational payloads. Each of a plurality of standardized shipping containers houses an operational payload, a controller that controls functions of the operational payload, and communication means that co
6704618 Container-based system for generation and dispersal of printed materials March 9, 2004
An unmanned, real-time, printed material generation and dispersal system includes a standardized shipping container houses at least one printing module capable of generating printed materials, a controller module for controlling the generation of the printed materials and monitoring stat
6665582 Standardized container payload delivery and control system December 16, 2003
An unmanned system is provided for the delivery and control of an operational payload. A standardized shipping container houses the operational payload. Mounted in the shipping container are a controller for controlling functions of the operational payload and a communication module
6655636 Product wrapping incorporating air drag device December 2, 2003
A system is provided for slowing the speed of a product released into the air from an aircraft. A flexible material wrapped about a product includes a tethered portion thereof that is collapsible against the product prior to release thereof from the aircraft. The tethered portion expands
6622063 Container-based product dispensing system September 16, 2003
An unmanned product dispensing system includes a standardized shipping container having at least one product module mounted therein, a controller module for controlling distribution of the products from the product module and monitoring status thereof, a communications module for com

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