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Morishita; Yoshikazu
Machida, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6642355 Endothelin-antagonizing peptide November 4, 2003
The invention relates to an endothelin antagonistic peptide of the formula (I):wherein represents Asn or Asp; B represents His or Lys; E represents Ala or Ser; G represents Ala or Pro; X represents X.sup.1 -Gly or ##STR1## and Y represents hydroxy, lower alkoxy, amino, #
6194195 Strains of streptomyces producing endothelin antagonistic peptides February 27, 2001
The invention relates to biologically pure cultures of Streptomyces sp. RE-701 (FERM BP-3624) and Streptomyces sp. RE-629 (FERM BP-4126) that produce endothelin antagonistic peptides.
5639860 Endothelin-antagonizing peptide June 17, 1997
Peptides represented by the following formula (I): ##STR1## wherein A represents Asn or Asp; B represents His or Lys; and E represents Ala or Ser;(1) X.sup.1 and Y.sup.1 are combined together to form a single bond as X.sup.1 --Y1, or (2) X.sup.1 represents hydrogen and Y.sup.1 repres

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