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Morishita; Hirosada
Hitachi, JP
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4680058 White ink composition for ink-jet printing July 14, 1987
A dark or black print article is ink-jet printed with a white ink composition comprising at least a white pigment having a particle size of less than 3 .mu.m, a solvent and a binder resin with a good print stability. The white ink composition has a good dispersion stability, a good r
4619879 Composite type photosensitive member having metal-free phthalocyanine in the charge generating l October 28, 1986
The disclosure is concerned with a photoconductive member useful for electrophotography wherein a charge generating layer containing a new metal-free phthalocyanine and a charge transport layer containing a nonionic compound of styrylic or oxazol dye base. The photosensitive member e
4546168 Thermosetting resin composition comprising (1) dicyanamide, (2) polyvalent imide and (3) polymer October 8, 1985
A thermosetting resin composition comprising (A) at least one dicyanamide compound and (B) at least one polyvalent imide having one or more unsaturated bonds and, if necessary (C) at least one polymerizable compound of epoxy compounds, phenolic compounds and triallyl isocyanurate com
4526835 Multi-layer printed circuit board and process for production thereof July 2, 1985
A multi-layer printed circuit board produced by laminating a plurality of unit circuit sheets via prepreg resin sheets, the cured resin in said unit circuit sheet having a glass transition temperature Tg.sub.1, said prepreg resin sheets having been prepared by impregnating a reinforcing
4507374 Electrophotographic recording medium containing .tau. and .eta. metal-free phthalocyanine March 26, 1985
The disclosure is concerned with an electrophotographic recording medium having a layer of a photoconductive material containing at least one member selected from the group consisting of .tau., .tau.', .eta., and/or .eta.' form metal free phthalocyanine, the layer being formed on an
4495083 Guest-host type liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device using the same January 22, 1985
This invention relates to a guest-host type liquid crystal composition and a color liquid crystal display device in which said composition has been sealed. This invention provides a liquid crystal composition containing a specific anthraquinone dye as a pleochroic dye which, as the guest
4486583 Heat-resistant resin from aromatic cyanamide compound and aromatic amine compound December 4, 1984
A polymer which has excellent heat resistance and mechanical properties which is useful as a molding material, contains the structural units having the following formulae [I] and [II]: ##STR1## wherein A and B each represents an at least divalent organic group having at least one
4482703 Thermosetting resin composition comprising dicyanamide and polyvalent imide November 13, 1984
A thermosetting resin composition comprises (A) at least one dicyanamide compound and (B) at least one polyvalent imide having one or more unsaturated bonds and, if necessary (C) at least one polymerizable compound of epoxy compounds, phenolic compounds and triallyl isocyanurate comp
4457952 Process for producing printed circuit boards July 3, 1984
When an alkaline earth metal carbonate powder is mixed with an adhesive and is formed into an adhesive layer in a conventional covering method, a problem of the transfer of catalyst for electroless plating during a masking step or later electroless plating step is solved. Further, bl
4435560 Maleimide: aryloxy diamine resin composition and process for producing same March 6, 1984
The disclosure is concerned with a maleimide-diamine resin composition which is well soluble to a low boiling point solvent and is excellent in heat resistance. The composition is featured by containing a maleimide-diamine adduct having the general formula: ##STR1## wherein A is
4435492 Complex type electrophotographic plate and electrophotographic method using the same March 6, 1984
In a complex type electrophotographic plate comprising an electroconductive support, superposed thereon a charge generating material (CGL) layer and a charge transport material layer superposed on the CGL layer when there is used as said charge transport material at least one compound of
4433042 Electrophotographic developing method using magnetic toners February 21, 1984
Electrophotographic copying is carried out by electrostatically forming a latent image on a recording medium, supplying a magnetic toner of single component system containing at least a resin and fine particles of forromagnetic material on a non-magnetic sleeve provided with a permanent
4430404 Electrophotographic photosensitive material having thin amorphous silicon protective layer February 7, 1984
An electrophotographic photosensitive material having a long lifetime can be provided by forming an amorphous silicon layer having a thickness of 0.01-0.08 .mu.m on the photoconductive layer on the electrically conductive substrate in the said material without changing the characteri
4405703 Electrophotographic plate having an age-hardened aluminum substrate and process for producing th September 20, 1983
In an electrophotographic plate comprising a substrate and a photoconductive layer formed on said substrate, when said substrate is made of an age-hardening type aluminum alloy and has a Vickers hardness of 60 Hv or higher, there can be produced electrophotographic plates high in dim
4400438 Process for producing fire retardant and heat resistant copper-clad laminated board, and varnish August 23, 1983
A process for producing a fire retardant and heat resistant copper-clad laminated board, characterized in that a maleimide resin type varnish containing a small amount of a specific halogenated diphenyl ether compound is used for impregnation of base material therewith. Copper-clad l
4396251 Pleochroic color display device August 2, 1983
A pleochroic color display device is provided which comprises a layer of guest-host type liquid crystal sandwiched between two transparent electrodes for driving the liquid crystal, the guest-host liquid crystal containing a dichroic dye as guest material, and a color filter disposed
4393188 Thermosetting prepolymer from polyfunctional maleimide and bis maleimide July 12, 1983
A process for preparing a thermosetting maleimide type prepolymer which comprises reacting (A) a polyfunctional maleimide compound, (B) a bis-maleimide, (C) a diamine and (D) an epoxy compound. The maleimide type prepolymer prepared according to the process of the present invention has
4381886 Liquid crystal display element May 3, 1983
A liquid crystal display element which may have a multi-layer structure comprising substrates having electrodes and liquid crystal orientation controlling films on the sides thereof facing a liquid crystal layer and one or more liquid crystal layers interposed between said substrates,
4374191 Dry reversal developer for electrostatic photography and electrostatic photographic method using February 15, 1983
An electrostatic photographic method for reversal development using a magnetic brush, with the magnetic brush and photoconductive drum being grounded, and with the development being performed using a dry reversal developer comprising 100 parts by weight of a carrier having ferromagnetic
4352876 Complex type electrophotographic plate and electrophotographic method using the same October 5, 1982
A complex type electrophotographic plate comprising an electroconductive support and a charge generating layer and a charge transport layer characterized in that the charge generating layer contains at least a copper phthalocyanine and the charge transport layer contains at least a t
4346206 Imide prepolymer from reaction of epoxy compound with bis-imide/diamine reaction mixture August 24, 1982
A process for preparing a thermosetting imide type prepolymer which comprises heating a bis-imide (A) and a diamine (B) in the presence of an organic solvent with a boiling point of to C. and heating the reaction mixture together with an epoxy compound (C). The
4346157 Complex type electrophotographic plate August 24, 1982
A complex type electrophotographic plate comprises a conductive support; a first layer, adhered to the support, of a charge generating material, said first layer having a thickness of 0.1 to 5 .mu.m; and a second layer, superposed on the first layer, of a homogeneous mixture of a charge
4324455 Liquid crystal composition April 13, 1982
A liquid crystal composition containing at least one quinophthalone series dye represented by the formula ##STR1## wherein: X represents hydrogen, a chlorine atom or a bromine atom; and R represents --OR.sup.1 or --SR.sup.1, wherein R.sup.1 represents an alkyl group, a cycloalkyl
4293592 Method for production of printed circuits by electroless metal plating October 6, 1981
A method is provided for producing printed circuits by electroless deposition of metal on an insulating substrate to form a circuit film which comprises contacting an insulating substrate having initiator on a negative pattern of a thermo-setting resin whose activity for deposition o
4283522 Process for preparing thermosetting prepolymer from mixture of polyfunctional maleimide and bis- August 11, 1981
A process for preparing a thermosetting maleimide type prepolymer which comprises heating (A) a polyfunctional maleimide compound derived from a polyamine prepared from aniline and formalin, (B) a bis-maleimide and (C) a diamine. The thermosetting maleimide type prepolymer prepared accor
4278328 Guest-host liquid crystal display device July 14, 1981
A guest-host liquid crystal display device is disclosed which undergoes a focalconic-homeotropic phase transition. The device has a guest-host material layer including (a) a nematic liquid crystal having a positive dielectric anisotropy, (b) an optically active material for putting the
4265993 Magnetic toner for electrostatic images and transfer copying May 5, 1981
Magnetic toner employable as a developer for electrophotographic duplication system consisting of the steps of developing electrostatic latent image on a carrier, overlaying a copying sheet on said carrier of developed image, and transferring the developed image to said sheet, charac
4248636 Ink for ink-jet printer containing dichloromethane as an organic solvent and a basic dye as a co February 3, 1981
An ink for an ink-jet printer having a specific resistance of 1 k.OMEGA.-cm or less and comprising (1) as an organic solvent in a vehicle (a) dichloromethane or (b) a mixed solvent of dichloromethane and at least one member selected from halogenated lower alkanes except for dichlorometha
4239813 Process for forming printed wiring by electroless deposition December 16, 1980
Highly precise wiring formed on an insulating substrate can be obtained by electroless deposition without using a printing process. Said process is characterized by forming an adhesive layer containing a photo-setting substance on a substrate, exposing the adhesive layer to actinic light
4189390 One-component magnetic developer powder for developing electrostatic latent image and method of February 19, 1980
A one-component magnetic developer powder for developing an electrostatic latent image formed according to an electrophotographic process comprising non-agglomerative essentially spherical members consisting essentially of plastics binder, magnetic particles and first electric conductive
4156034 Liquid developer for electro photography May 22, 1979
A liquid developer for electro photography which comprises a coloring agent, a coating agent, a resistivity controlling agent and a carrier liquid which disperses or dissolves the said three agents is suitable for providing high reproducibility of images when at least one of the foll
4151313 Method for production of printed circuits by electroless metal plating employing a solid solutio April 24, 1979
Printed circuits are produced on an insulating substrate by electroless metal plating according to a method comprising steps of:(I) forming a plating resist on a negative pattern of circuit with a masking material having an effect upon reducing the deposition of an initiator for electrol
4125701 Organic photoconductive materials November 14, 1978
Organic photoconductive materials comprising as an active ingredient a photoconductive copolymer consisting of 3 to 50 mole % of at least one acrylic monomer represented by the formula ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is hydrogen or methyl; and R.sub.2 is a group of the formula --C.sub.n
4099974 Electroless copper solution July 11, 1978
An electroless copper solution capable of forming an electroless deposited copper film having as a higher elongation as that of electro deposited copper film is provided, which is characterized by adding either 2,2'-dipyridyl or 2,9-dimethyl-1,10-phenanthroline, and polyethylene glyc

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