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Mori; Kenji
Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6835846 Aliphatic compounds, process for their preparation and their usage December 28, 2004
The present invention provides an aliphatic compound represented by the following formula (I) or pharmacologically acceptable salts thereof: ##STR1## where n denotes an integer of 1 to 11, and 1 denotes an integer of 1 to 16,the aliphatic compound being an optical isomer of the (2R,3S,2'S
6703146 Organic electroluminescent device and panel therewith March 9, 2004
A blue organic EL device with an improved EL luminescence efficiency where an energy barrier is reduced during injection of holes or electrons from an anode or cathode to facilitate charge injection; a charge transporting layer acts as a blocking layer preventing holes or electrons from
6630253 Organic electroluminescence device October 7, 2003
A material for the luminescent layer of an organic EL device includes a bis-2,5-(2-benzazolyl) hydroquinone compound represented by a general formula: ##STR1##where each of R1-R8 independently represents hydrogen atom, halogen atom, hydroxy group, substituted or unsubstituted amino g
6611098 Hermetic encapsulation package and method of fabrication thereof August 26, 2003
A hermetic encapsulation package and a method of fabricating such package, wherein at least one organic electroluminescent (EL) element is formed on a support substrate. A sealing cap for accommodating the organic EL element is bonded to the support substrate with an ultraviolet curing
6498536 Oscillating circuit for producing an output signal synchronous with an input signal December 24, 2002
An oscillating circuit removes a phase difference from between an input signal variable in frequency and a free-running oscillation signal through a two-step voltage-to-frequency control, wherein a frequency comparator, a detector, a flip flop circuit cooperates with a counter so as to v
6456003 Organic electroluminescent devices and panels September 24, 2002
A super thin film is composed of an organic compound having a sulfur-atom-containing substituent in a specific structure, such as mercapto, sulfide and disulfide groups. Among them, the most preferred one is an alkyl mercapto group represented by --(CH.sub.2).sub.n SH in which n is a
5831680 Color signal processing circuit capable of processing PAL/NTSC color television signals which pr November 3, 1998
In a color signal processing circuit capable of processing a PAL/NTSC color television signal, in order to prevent an image deterioration caused by chromatization when a PAL signal is received in an NTSC signal receiving mode, there is provided a gate control signal generating circuit fo
5698585 Pharmaceutical preparation for prevention and/or treatment for cataract December 16, 1997
In order to prevent or treat cataract, present invention features 3(2H)-furanone derivatives having 3(2H)-furanone skeleton as a main structure and/or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, pharmaceutical preparations containing the derivatives and/or the salts thereof, treatment
5164113 Optical active compound and liquid crystal composition November 17, 1992
An optically active compound represented by the formula: ##STR1##
5128464 6,6-ethyl enedioxy-22R-hydroxy-2R,3S-isopropylidendioxy-5.alpha.-cholst-23-yne July 7, 1992
6,6-Ethylenedioxy-22R-hydroxy-2R,3S-isopropylidenedioxy-5.alpha.-cholest-23 -yne, useful as an intermediate for the synthesis of brassinolide.
5077043 Hyphantria cunea sex pheromones and attractant compositions including the pheromones December 31, 1991
The present invention provides mainly (3Z,6Z)-cis-9,10-epoxy-1,3,6-heneicosatriene (formula 1) and (3Z, 6Z)-cis-9,10-epoxy-1,3,6-elcosatriene (formula 2) which are Hyphantria cunea sex pheromones. The invention provides attractant components having high attraction effect for Hyphantr
5045228 Optically active compound having XI-valerolactone ring and liquid crystal composition comprising September 3, 1991
An optically active compound having a .delta.-valerolactone ring which is a ferroelectric liquid crystal and is represented by the following general formula (I): ##STR1## wherein m is an integer of from 1 to 8, Z is a group represented by the following formula: ##STR2## i
5043446 Process for the preparation of pterin derivatives August 27, 1991
A process of preparing l-biopterin is disclosed which comprises the steps of:Subjecting to selective Grignard reaction D-ribose having the hydroxyl groups in the 2- and 3-positions protected by an acetal group to give 6-deoxy-3,4-O-alkylidene allitol;subjecting the 1- and 2-positions of
4980485 Method of manufacturing optically-active periplanone-b December 25, 1990
Optically active periplanone-B is manufactured through oxidizing (1RS, 4S, 5E)-isopropyl-7-methylene-5-cyclodecene-1-ol. The oxidized product is regioselectively enolized and then sulfenylated. The sulfenylated product is oxidized and then subjected to decomposition of the sulfoxide. The
4970069 Method of attracting Tribolium castaneum Herbst with 2,6-dimethyl-octly formate November 13, 1990
According to the present invention, an attractant that possesses attraction effects with respect to Tribolium castaneum Herbst and moreover, is a stable compound for which the effectiveness will be continuous, is provided.That is, the present invention is 2,6-dimethyl octylformate and an
4946999 Novel intermediates for synthesis of trichostatic acid or trichostatin A, and processes for prep August 7, 1990
The present invention relates to a process for preparing trichostatic acid represented by the following formula [14] ##STR1## by oxidizing (E,E)-7-(4'-dimethylaminophenyl)-7-hydroxy-4,6-dimethylhepta-2,4-dienoic acid represented by the following formula [13]: ##STR2## and
4925591 Mesomorphic compound having .beta.-hydroxycarboxyl group as chiral source and liquid crystal com May 15, 1990
Disclosed is a mesomorphic compound having a .beta.-hydroxycarboxyl group as the chiral source, which is represented by the formula: ##STR1## wherein m and n are integers of from 1 to 18, X.sub.1 and X.sub.2 independently represent fluorine, chlorine or hydrogen, Y represents ##S
4885246 Optically active carbacyclin intermediates and processes for the preparation thereof December 5, 1989
New intermediate, an optically active (1S,5R)-7,7-alkylenedioxy-2-alkoxycarbonylbicyclo[3.3.0]octan-3-one which is useful for the synthesis of an optically active carbacyclin. This intermediate is prepared, as a non-reduced compound, from a racemic compound, (1SR,5RS)-7,7-alkylen
4871869 Optically active bicyclo[3.3.0]octane and processes for the preparation thereof October 3, 1989
New intermediate, an optically active (1R,5S,6S,7R)-6-tert-butyldiphenylsilyloxmethyl-7-hydroxy-bicyclo[3.3.0]oc tan-3-one (I) having high optical purity which is useful for the synthesis of an optically active carbacyclin and an optically active pentalenolactone E methyl ester. The c
4864056 Optically active hydroxy esters September 5, 1989
Methyl (2S,3S,4R)-(+)- and (2R,3R,4S)-(-)-3-hydroxy-2,4-dimethylheptanoates which are important intermediates for synthesis of invictolide, one component of a queen recognition pheromone of red imported fire ant.
4861875 3.alpha.,5-cyclo-22,23-dihydroxy-5.alpha.-steroid compounds August 29, 1989
New steroid compounds of the general formula: ##STR1## wherein X is a hydroxyl group and Y is a hydrogen atom, or X and Y, taken together, form an oxo group; each of the two R' radicals is independently a hydrogen atom, acyl group, a silyl group, an alkoxycarbonyl group or a benz
4835292 Novel optically active alcohol May 30, 1989
(2R,3S,4R)-(+)- and (2S,3R,4S)-(-)-2,4-dimethyl-3-tetrahydropyranyloxy-1-heptanols which are important intermediates for synthesis of invictolide, one component of a queen recognition peromone of red imported fire ant.
4814468 Optically active carbacyclin intermediates and processes for the preparation thereof March 21, 1989
New intermediate, an optically active (1S,5R)-7,7-alkylenedioxy-2-alkoxycarbonylbicyclo[3.3.0]octan-3-one which is useful for the synthesis of an optically active carbacyclin. This intermediate is prepared, as a non-reduced compound, from a racemic compound, (1SR,5RS)-7,7-alkylen
4755626 4-isopropyl-7-methylene-5-cyclodecen-1-ol July 5, 1988
4-isopropyl-7-methylene-5-cyclodecen-1-ol is disclosed. The compound allows manufacture of optically active periplanone-B on an industrial scale.
4687863 Optically active hydroxyiodolactone August 18, 1987
An optically active hydroxyiodolactone of the formula ##STR1## wherein the stereochemistry of the 3a-, 5- and 7a-positions is either (3aR,5S,7aS) or 3aS,5S,7aR). The compound is useful as an intermediate for the production of a large amount of one component of the queen recognizing
4604240 Homobrassinolide, and its production and use August 5, 1986
22R,23R-Homobrassinolide of the formula: ##STR1## which is useful as a plant growth regulator.
4511726 Production method of an insect pheromone April 16, 1985
A process for producing 3,3,7-trimethyl-2,9-dioxatricyclo[,7 ]nonane useful as an insect pheromone and having the formula, ##STR1## which comprises reducing 1,5,5-trimethyl-7-endo-tert-butyldimethylsilyloxy-4-oxabicyclo[4.2.0]octan -3-one with diisobutylaluminum hydri
4453967 Homobrassinolide compounds which are steroids having plant growth promoting activity June 12, 1984
Homobrassinolide of the formula: ##STR1## which shows a plant growth promoting activity.
4296036 Selective method for the preparation of insect pheromone October 20, 1981
A method for the preparation of 3,3,7-trimethyl-2,9-dioxatricyclo[,7 ]nonane (lineatin, a general name), an aggregation pheromone of an ambrosia beetle, represented by the formula (I), ##STR1## which comprises reacting a keto lactone represented by the formula (II),

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