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Moore; Walter A.
Ogden, UT
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6098548 Non-pyrotechnic initiator August 8, 2000
An initiator suitable for use with airbag passive restraint systems and which does not use pyrotechnic materials is disclosed. The initiator provides an electrically actuated igniter which ignites an adjacently stored non-pyrotechnic fluid combustible material which may comprise a mi
5979936 Airbag inflator November 9, 1999
An inflator apparatus and method for inflating an inflatable device wherein a solid fuel material and nitrous oxide are stored in intimate contact and, when properly actuated, react to produce inflation gas for use in inflating the inflatable device.
5941562 Adaptive output inflator having a selectable oxidant composition August 24, 1999
An improved adaptive output inflator is provided wherein inflator performance, such as measured by inflator gas output, can be appropriately varied and selected by appropriately varying and selecting the operational oxidant composition of the inflator.
5882036 Hybrid inflator with reduced solid emissions March 16, 1999
A hybrid inflator having a quantity of stored gas in a pressure vessel, and a quantity of gas generant stored within a generant housing having at least one port in its longitudinal end. Within the generant housing the gas generant is retained within a porous sleeve. This sleeve is spaced
5836610 Multiple level fluid fueled airbag inflator November 17, 1998
An improvement in an air bag system for a motor vehicle relating to a multiple level fluid fueled air bag inflator and method of operation thereof are provided. Such a multiple level inflator includes a stored gas chamber, a combustion chamber wherein, upon actuation, a fluid fuel and an
5803492 Fuel containment for fluid fueled airbag inflators September 8, 1998
Apparatus for inflating an inflatable device, methods for inflating an inflatable safety device and a method of manufacturing an apparatus for inflating an inflatable device are provided having a fuel containment assembly to contain a fuel in the form of a fluid. The fuel, upon proper
5787685 Process and apparatus for filling liquid fuel storage containers and assembling such containers August 4, 1998
The use of unitary liquid fuel storage chambers provides advantages in the manufacturing and assembly of inflators for use in airbag passive restraint systems. A unique process of injecting liquid fuel through a conduit which is controlled to discharge the liquid fuel beneath the ris
5779266 Fluid fueled inflator with flow reversal July 14, 1998
An apparatus and method for inflating a vehicular inflatable device adaptable to a variety of fuels and oxidants wherein a fluid fuel is burned to produce hot gas, with the hot gas undergoing a reversal in direction of flow and mixing with stored, pressurized gas to produce inflation
5673933 Canister assembled fluid fueled inflator October 7, 1997
A unitary storage structures for the fluid components of a inflator of a vehicular airbag passive restraint system. The unitary storage structures facilitate the storage, testing, transportation and assembly of such components in the inflator. Advantageous methods of filling the storage
5668345 Airbag inflators employing coated porous substrates September 16, 1997
A hybrid inflator has porous substrate coated with a heat-producing, essentially non gas-producing composition for heating pressurized inflation gases in the inflator.
5586587 High rate pressure vessel filling process December 24, 1996
The invention comprises a high rate pressure vessel filling process which improves the accuracy of filling pressure vessels to required gas mass. The approach overcomes heating effects of high rate filling and volume variation effects by slowly prefilling a series of temperature monitore
5533751 Hybrid inflator with elongated housing and center discharge July 9, 1996
A hybrid inflator for an inflatable restraint system has a center frame and two tubular end caps forming an elongated housing defining a chamber storing pressurized inert gas. Unit means for heating and delivering the stored gas are mounted in the center frame and positioned to deliver
5518268 Flow-through heat-enhanced hybrid inflator May 21, 1996
A heat-enhanced boosted inflator for a vehicle airbag includes a housing defining a storage chamber having compressed inflation gas therein and a heating cup mounted to the housing and defining a portion of a gas delivery path to the airbag. The heating cup contains a heat-producing
5480185 Particulate removal in inflatable restraint system gas generators January 2, 1996
An apparatus and a method for producing inflation gas for use in inflating a vehicle occupant restraint are provided wherein a filter housed within a chamber of the apparatus effects gas redirection and particulate removal from at least a portion of the hot gas released from a gas genera
5441302 Piston-actuated air bag inflator with hermetic liner August 15, 1995
The invention is a low cost inflator having a thin-walled hermetic liner, filled with either a stored gas or a flammable fluid mixture, and having a minimal number of joints required for sealing. Structural support is provided by parts that are not required to be hermetic. To activate th
5421609 Rupture device June 6, 1995
In an air bag inflation system, the present invention reduces the pressure at which gas flow is initiated from a stored gas inflator into an air bag to be inflated. In many air bag inflation systems gas flow normally begins following rupture of a diaphragm due to a pressure differential.
5360232 Filtration in hybrid inflators November 1, 1994
An apparatus and method suitable for use in inflating a vehicle occupant restraint are provided. The apparatus stores a gas generating material in a first chamber and stores a supply of gas under pressure in a second chamber. When ignited, the gas generating material produces a hot gas

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