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Mollenauer; Linn Frederick
Colts Neck, NJ
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7369778 Dispersion compensation method and apparatus May 6, 2008
In one embodiment of the invention a dispersion compensator is provided for use in a dense wavelength division multiplexed optical communication system. The dispersion compensator comprises a periodic-group-delay dispersion compensation module which provides a portion of the dispersion
7312910 Dispersion-managed soliton transmission system with guiding filters December 25, 2007
A new dispersion managed soliton transmission system where the D map period is the same as the amplifier period and the pulse breathing the in the +D sections of the D maps is approximately symmetrical. Pulse breathing symmetry by one or both of two techniques. In one technique a gui
7209669 Method and apparatus for synchronizing a pulse carver and a data modulator for optical telecommu April 24, 2007
Method and apparatus for synchronizing two different types of modulators in an optical transmission system includes a first modulator generating an optical pulse train, a second modulator encoding data onto the optical pulse train, an optical filter resolving upper and lower modulation
7062176 Nonlinear phase-shift compensation method and apparatus June 13, 2006
A nonlinear phase-shift compensation method and apparatus is provided for improving system performance in optical transmission systems. The apparatus includes a phase-shift compensating device that provides a partial compensating phase shift to reduce the nonlinear phase noise result
6611368 Time-division multiplexed pump wavelengths resulting in ultra broad band, flat, backward pumped August 26, 2003
A method and apparatus for producing a flat gain over very broad gain bands utilizing backward-pumped Raman amplification. The method allows for dynamic gain control through simple electronic means.
6532330 Dispersion managed optical transmission line and method for making same March 11, 2003
Techniques are described for constructing an optical fiber transmission line having a desired length and path-average dispersion, while also having a desired total ##EQU1##In one approach, a first fiber is selected with a first dispersion and ##EQU2##and a second fiber is selected wi
6408117 Mechanically induced long period optical fiber gratings June 18, 2002
By urging an ordinary single-mode (usually dispersion-shifted) fiber into an external, long period mechanical grating, a highly wavelength-selective coupling between the fiber's guiding mode and a cladding mode is induced. A sequence of such induced gratings, all on the same fiber, can b
6141090 Fiber optic cable having a specified path average dispersion October 31, 2000
Fiber optic cable waste is avoided by measuring amplitude oscillations of four-wave mixing products in positive-dispersion and negative-dispersion fiber optic cable to determine the lengths of a first, positive-dispersion cable segment and a second, negative-dispersion cable segment that
6011638 Dispersion tapered optical fibers for use in WDM soliton transmission systems January 4, 2000
A dispersion-tapered fiber for use in a soliton transmission system having lumped amplifiers to substantially reduce loss associated with pseudo phase matching and to relax the limitations on minimum allowable channel spacing caused by cross-phase modulation. The dispersion tapered fiber
6011615 Fiber optic cable having a specified path average dispersion January 4, 2000
Fiber optic cable waste is avoided by measuring amplitude oscillations of four-wave mixing products in positive-dispersion and negative-dispersion fiber optic cable to determine the lengths of a first, positive-dispersion cable segment and a second, negative-dispersion cable segment that
5956131 System and method for mapping chromatic dispersion in optical fibers September 21, 1999
A system and method in which the chromatic dispersion characteristic, as a function of distance along a section of transmissive fiber, is measured. First and second optical signals are launched into a fiber under test to thereby generate, by a four-wave mixing process in the fiber, a pro
5710649 Apparatus and methods for nulling non-random timing jitter in the transmission of digital optica January 20, 1998
A clock recovery circuit for following rapid changes in the time phase of a data stream is disclosed. The circuit comprises a low Q resonator coupled to a detection device, such as an electro-optic modulator in a time division demultiplexer or a decision circuit of a receiver. Preferably
5646759 Fiber loop mirror for time division demultiplexing July 8, 1997
An improved optical loop mirror is used in an optical demultiplexer to demultiplex time division multiplexed optical communications channels. High bit-rate optical pulses representing a plurality of time division multiplexed communications channels are input to a 3 dB coupler in an o
3991386 Active optical devices with spatially modulated populations of F-centers November 9, 1976
The disclosed distributed feedback laser employs an alkali halide crystal having a spatially modulated pattern of a stable color center and a complementary spatially modulated pattern of U-centers. The stability of the color centers is provided by initial additive coloration, conversion
3970960 Broadly tunable continuous-wave laser using color centers July 20, 1976
Broadly tunable infrared lasers analogous to dye lasers operating in the visible spectrum are provided by significant improvements upon an F.sub.A (II) color center laser previously demonstrated in a limited way. The improvements include techniques for also using F.sub.B (II) and F.sub.2

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