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Mizoguchi; Shoichi
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5719641 VOD reception with demodulation and quantization held during carrier switching to produce a vide February 17, 1998
Supplied with carrier and channel selection signals in a VOD receiver from a remote control data processor from a remote control switch, a switching control circuit produces demodulation and equalization control signals substantially concurrently with carrier switching started by the car
5394110 Demodulation system having adaptive matched filter and decision feedback equalizer February 28, 1995
In a modulation system, a demodulator demodulates an intermediate frequency modulated signal and outputs an analog-baseband signal, and an analog-digital converter analog-digital converts this baseband signal. An adaptive matched filter inputs the output of the analog-digital converter
5383224 Cross polarization interference canceller January 17, 1995
In a cross polarization interference canceller for use in digital radio communications, a signal processing circuit monitors whether numbers of word sync signals and error pulses obtained in error correction decoding exceed specified values, and outputs reset signal RS1 when an abnormali
5321723 Automatic equalizer June 14, 1994
An automatic equalizer includes an adaptive matched filter connected in front of a decision feedback equalizer of a conventional design. The adaptive matched filter has an A/D converter for sampling and quantizing an analog baseband signal into a digital signal, which is applied to a
5267265 Decision feedback equalizer with expansion and decision circuit November 30, 1993
A decision feedback equalizer for equalizing a received analog baseband signal (1) has a gain control circuit (11) which compresses the amplitude of the baseband signal (1) to 1/K (K.gtoreq.1). The compressed signal is converted to a digital signal by an analog-to-digital converter (12).
5241320 Cross-polarization interference canceller August 31, 1993
In a cross-polarization interference canceller employing a transversal filter, when a tap coefficient of the transversal filter is generated by averaging resultant values of correlation between a residual error component and a data polarity signal of a different polarized wave, a mov
5173925 Demodulating system capable of accurately equalizing received signals using error correction cod December 22, 1992
In a demodulating system for demodulating a modulated signal into decoded signals (S11'-12', S21'-22'), an error signal correcting circuit (55) is used in correcting discrimination error signals (Ep, Eq) supplied from a demodulator (52) in compliance with error location signals (Sp1-2, S
5068667 Cross-polarization interference canceller November 26, 1991
In a cross-polarization interference conceller for use in a digital radio communication system which transmits digital modulated signals over radio frequencies having planes of polarization orthogonal to each other, signals from the interfering polarized wave are sampled with a frequency
5005185 Parallel mode adaptive transversal equalizer for high-speed digital communications system April 2, 1991
In a parallel-mode adaptive transversal equalizer, P- and Q-channel data streams from A/D converters (1, 5) are respectively passed through the tapped-delay lines of trasversal filters (2, 6), on the one hand, and are one-symbol delayed, on the other, by delay circuits (3, 7, 66, 67) to
4908838 Correlation detecting circuit operable in a low frequency March 13, 1990
In an adaptive equalizer system for equalizing, in response to a plurality of controllable tap gains, a received signal carrying a transmission data sequence digitized by a reference clock signal, a correlation detecting circuit (63') comprises a divider (111) for frequency dividing a
4859956 Validity decision circuit capable of correctly deciding validity of an error signal in a multile August 22, 1989
In a demodulator for demodulating a multilevel quadrature amplitude modulated signal specified by a plurality of output signal points arranged on an approximately octangular specific region into an in-phase baseband signal and a quadrature baseband signal and for converting the in-phase
4803438 8-phase phase-shift keying demodulator February 7, 1989
In order to rapidly bring a 8-phase phase shift keying demodulator into resynchronization upon the demodulator going out of synchronism, a plurality of error signals produced within the demodulator is used to determine whether a signal point of an incoming 8-phase phase modulated sig
4638495 Automatic adaptive equalizer January 20, 1987
In order to remove at least one of amplitude and delay distortions which tend to occur during signal transmission, the invention features circuitry wherein a received IF digital signal is fed through an equalizer circuit to a demodulator and wherein the demodulator outputs a series of da
4627072 Equalizer modifying a phase of a gain control signal to carry out equalization December 2, 1986
In an equalizer for equalizing, by the use of zero forcing algorithm, an input signal obtained by modulating a carrier wave of a carrier frequency at a modulation rate, a specific one of complex control signals is modified into a modified complex signal and supplied to a specific one of
4567599 Automatic adaptive equalizer having improved reset function January 28, 1986
The present invention features an automatic adaptive equalizer which detects asynchronism in a demodulator coupled to the equalizer and intermittently generates a reset signal. This signal intermittently renders a transversal filter of the adpative equalizer operative during a period

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