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Miyashita; Toshihito
Nagano, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D595325 Coil bobbin June 30, 2009
8289713 Heat radiation structure of electric apparatus October 16, 2012
A heat radiation structure of an electric apparatus provided herein is capable of readily releasing heat of electronic components to the outside and suppressing heat conduction to a rotational position sensor. A metal electromagnetic wave shielding member is fixed to a casing body of a
8013485 Motor with an electromagnetic brake September 6, 2011
A motor with an electromagnetic brake is provided that is capable of sufficiently reducing influence of leakage magnetic flux on a magnetic sensor. A second ball bearing is configured to be ferromagnetic. An inner circumferential surface of a bearing stopper member that faces the shaft
7965009 Motor rotor and manufacturing method thereof June 21, 2011
A motor rotor has a resin-impregnated thread layer formed by winding a thread of a reinforced fiber material around a permanent magnet layer with a gap between an outer peripheral surface of the thread layer and an inner peripheral surface of a cylindrical body, and impregnating the
7928615 Molded motor April 19, 2011
A molded motor is provided that allows for ready installation of a heat-conducting member therein and is capable of improving dissipation of heat generated from the stator. The heat-conducting member is integrally formed with a load-side end bracket. The heat-conducting member includes
7583003 Stator for motors September 1, 2009
The present invention provides a stator for motors in which a space volume occupied by the winding wire of an excitation winding section can be increased, thereby allowing magnetic flux to readily flow through the yoke. On an inner peripheral surface portion of the yoke 7, a pair of
7569965 Stator for motor August 4, 2009
A projecting portion 23h is integrally provided at a first connecting portion 23e of a bobbin 23. The projecting portion 23h has a triangular cross-section taken in an orthogonal direction orthogonal to a laminating direction of the steel plates 21 and parallel to magnetic steel plates
7569961 Rotor for motors August 4, 2009
The present invention provides a rotor for motors, in which motor torque is kept high and generation of torque ripples is reduced, and what is more, detecting accuracy of a magnetic pole position is not deteriorated. The present invention provides a rotor assembly having a first divided
7560844 Permanent magnet rotary motor July 14, 2009
A permanent magnet rotary motor is provided in which cogging torque can be reduced and an increase in copper loss can also be prevented. A first divided core unit 13 is combined with a second divided core unit 15, thereby constituting a stator core 9. The first divided core unit 13 c
7276832 Permanent magnet rotary motor October 2, 2007
There is provided a permanent magnet rotary motor in which manufacture of a stator core is facilitated. The permanent magnet rotary motor includes P rotor magnetic pole sections and N slots. In this permanent magnet rotary motor, a least common multiple LCM (P, N) is set to be different
7183684 Permanent magnet rotary motor February 27, 2007
A permanent magnet rotary motor that can maintain higher torque density and reduce cogging torque more greatly than a conventional permanent magnet rotary motor. A pair of end surfaces of each of permanent magnets used for a rotor are substantially parallel to a virtual plane that ex

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