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Miyamura; Toshiharu
Yokohama, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8158195 Catalytic converter and manufacturing method thereof April 17, 2012
A catalytic converter includes: a three-dimensional structural support having a plurality of cells partitioned by porous cell walls, in which a pore diameter of the cell walls is 10 .mu.m to 50 .mu.m and porosity of the cell walls is 40 vol % or more; and a catalyst-coated layer cont
8080494 Catalyst, exhaust gas purifying catalyst, and method of producing the catalyst December 20, 2011
A catalyst 1 has a heat-resistant support 2 selected from among Al.sub.2O.sub.3, SiO.sub.2, ZrO.sub.2, and TiO.sub.2, and a first metal 4 supported on an outer surface of the support 2, and included by an inclusion material 3 containing a component of the support 2.
7977276 Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and method of producing the same July 12, 2011
Disclosed is an exhaust gas purifying catalyst exhibiting excellent purification performance for a long period of time by suppressing coagulation of a noble metal. A catalyst powder comprises a noble metal and first and second compounds. In the catalyst powder, the first compound car
7851405 Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and manufacturing method thereof December 14, 2010
An exhaust gas purifying catalyst that includes noble metal particles, first compounds which support the noble metal particles and suppress movement of the noble metal particles, and second compounds which encapsulate the noble metal particles and the first compounds. The second comp
7833930 Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and production method thereof November 16, 2010
An exhaust gas purifying catalyst including: a plurality of first compounds 5 which have precious metal particles 3 supported thereon and are formed into a particle shape; and second compounds 7 which are arranged among the plurality of first compounds 5 and separate the first compou
7723259 Particulate matter (PM) oxidizing catalyst May 25, 2010
A particulate matter oxidizing catalyst includes: at least one metal selected from the group consisting of: gallium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, yttrium, zirconium, niobium, molybdenum, silver, lanthanum, praseodymium, neodymium and gold; and cerium, wherein a first oxid
7718567 Exhaust gas purging catalyst and method for producing the exhaust gas purging catalyst May 18, 2010
An exhaust gas purging catalyst, includes: an integrated carrier; and a catalyst coat layer formed on the integrated carrier. The catalyst coat layer includes a catalyst component and meets the following expression (A): P.gtoreq.0.17W-0.04 - - - (A). P denotes a summation (ml) of a c

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