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Miyamoto; Yutaka
Yokohama, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8254789 Device and method for adjusting chromatic dispersion August 28, 2012
A device and method for adjusting the chromatic dispersion in an optical transmission system includes an optical element having a temperature-dependent chromatic dispersion. The device and method further include a device for adjusting a temperature or a temperature distribution of at
7536108 High precision chromatic dispersion measuring method and automatic dispersion compensating optic May 19, 2009
The present invention relates to an automatic dispersion compensating optical link system. Carrier suppressed RZ encoded optical signals generated using carrier suppressing means and binary NRZ code or partial response code, or carrier suppressed clock signals generated using carrier
7424230 Digital transmission system September 9, 2008
This digital transmission system is provided with a transmitting apparatus that transmits digital data signals and a receiving apparatus that receives the digital data signals transmitted over a transmission path, compares the signals with a predetermined threshold value, and performs
7379236 Optical fiber communication system using remote pumping May 27, 2008
An optical fiber communication system is provided which uses remote pumping that is capable of improving pumping efficiency and reducing a noise figure. A coupler (20) of a linear repeater (18) couples signal light to pumping light outputted from a pumping light source (19). The outp
7116917 Optical transmitter and optical transmission system October 3, 2006
The present invention suppresses to a minimum the degradation of the transmission quality caused by chromatic dispersion characteristic of an optical transmission medium, and the interplay between the chromatic dispersion and non-linear optical effects in dense WDM transport systems.
7002968 Transport system and transport method February 21, 2006
A signal transport system and a transport method are provided. A whole lowspeed signal containing a client overhead received from a client network is transparently subjected to time division multiplexing and an additional overhead is inserted in the whole signal and further subjected
6934308 Precoding circuit and precoding-mulitplexing circuit for realizing very high transmission rate i August 23, 2005
A precoding-multiplexing circuit is formed by a precoding circuit for carrying out a precoding with respect to n sets of parallel input binary data signals having a bit rate equal to R/n, to obtain n sets of parallel precoded signals, and a time division multiplexer for time division
6865348 Optical transmission method, optical transmitter, optical receiver, and optical transmission sys March 8, 2005
A system which improves wavelength tolerance, compensates dispersion in a simple way, reduces limitation of the fiber input power is disclosed. The operation includes receiving a clock signal from a system clock source; modulating a single mode optical signal based on the clock signal an
6763197 Optical transmitter and optical transmitter control method using variable duty ratio setting and July 13, 2004
An optical transmitter for realizing a high tolerance with respect to the group velocity dispersion of the optical fibers, a small receiver sensitivity degradation, and an improved stability that is hardly affected by the group velocity dispersion even in the case of network scale ex
6263139 Optical transmission system with group velocity dispersion compensation July 17, 2001
To suppress S/N degradation due to optical amplification and generation of a nonlinear optical effect in a dispersion compensating fiber, and compensate for a loss due to the dispersion compensating fiber without incorporating a long fiber inside a receiver, part of an optical transm

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