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Miyakawa; Tadashi
Kaisei-Machi, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5231518 Image processing apparatus for preparing printing plates having lengthwise or crosswise patterns July 27, 1993
According to this invention, the original cassette accommdates the color originals having difference sizes The original cassette is mounted on an original board. Plane scanning is carried out without causing flare by use of an image sensor in accordance with a transmissive method or a
5084762 Under-color removal method and device therefor January 28, 1992
A method and device for obtaining, by rapid and accurate calculation, a black-printer amount and a under-color amount to be removed in order to reproduce colors which are required on the prints. According to this invention, there is provided an under-color removal method and the device
4790632 Liquid crystal device having the microlenses in correspondence with the pixel electrodes December 13, 1988
For recording an image on a photosensitive material with the employment of a liquid crystal device, the device used therein is conventionally constructed so as to modulate an amount of light rays transmitted therethrough or reflected thereby commonly by the control of an amount of el
4670778 Method of correcting phosphor luminance unevenness in a color fiber optic cathode-ray tube June 2, 1987
Unevenness of luminance of a plurality of phosphors on a screen provided in the front end of an electron gun type fiber optic cathode-ray tube is corrected by first measuring luminance distributions at positions of picture elements of a picture to be scanned on the respective phosphors

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