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Mitamura; Nobuaki
Sapporo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7200297 Device using a virtually-imaged phased array (VIPA) with an improved transmission wave character April 3, 2007
A dispersion compensator comprising a VIPA is configured so as to reflect light with each wavelength at an angle varying depending on wavelength when the light is reflected off a mirror. When being coupled at the end of an input fiber, the light with each wavelength is coupled at a s
7073915 Mirror fixing method and optical apparatus July 11, 2006
An object of the invention is to provide a mirror fixing method capable of reducing stress distortion of a surface of a mirror which constitutes an optical system, with hardly deforming a surface shape of the mirror. To this end, the present mirror fixing method is characterized in that
7016096 Transmission wavelength characteristics variable optical element, and wavelength characteristics March 21, 2006
An object of the invention is to easily realize an optical element using an etalon type structure, capable of changing a periodic transmission wavelength characteristic in an axial direction of transmissivity, and also capable of changing a periodic characteristic with respect to wav
6931165 Variable polarization plane rotator and optical device using same August 16, 2005
An optical device includes a small and low-cost variable polarization plane rotator that can control a rotation angle of the polarization plane easily. A variable polarization plane rotator is provided with a .lambda./4 phase plate having an optical axis in the same direction as, or
6909537 Dispersion compensator whose transmission band is flattened June 21, 2005
Light input from a single-mode fiber is collected into linear light beams by a line focuser, and collected on a VIPA element. A light beam output from the VIPA element is made to pass through a space filter having a predetermined transmission loss characteristic, and focused on a mirror
6900940 Optical apparatus and device May 31, 2005
A VIPA plate having a configuration where a translucent reflection film and a total reflection film are respectively arranged on one side and the other side of a transparent parallel plate can be used as a wavelength dispersion compensator by using a special mirror and a lens. However, t
6894851 Optical device May 17, 2005
A cabinet provided with light input/output holes accommodates a VIPA optical element, a lens, a fixing material fixing the VIPA optical element. A temperature-controlled heater controls the temperature of and inside the cabinet. Both the light input and output holes of the cabinet ar
The present invention aims at providing a transmission wavelength characteristics variable optical element which can actively equalize changes of the wavelength characteristics due to temperature changes, and providing a wavelength characteristics variable apparatus, an optical ampli
6829053 Airgap type etalon and apparatus utilizing the same December 7, 2004
An airgap type etalon has a higher degree of design freedom of a wavelength-temperature characteristic so that such a wavelength-temperature characteristic can be freely adjusted. The airgap type etalon includes a fixing block having one flat surface, and a transparent parallel flat
6826318 Variable polarization plane rotator and optical device using same November 30, 2004
An optical device includes a small and low-cost variable polarization plane rotator that can control a rotation angle of the polarization plane easily. A variable polarization plane rotator is provided with a .lambda./4 phase plate having an optical axis in the same direction as, or
6807335 Wavelength characteristic variable apparatus October 19, 2004
A movable mirror having a mirror surface reflecting a light input from an input fiber collimator is moved in an arrow (1) direction so that the reflection frequency of the input light reflected by an optical filter can be variable. The light is reflected plural times between the mirror
6807008 Wavelength dispersion generation apparatus, multi-faced mirror used for wavelength dispersion ge October 19, 2004
A mirror which reflects input light from a lens which focuses light emitted from a VIPA, and returns the light to the lens is constituted as a multi-faced mirror including multiple reflection surfaces in the traveling direction of the input light which individually reflect light with a
6646805 Apparatus for variable wavelength dispersion and wavelength dispersion slope November 11, 2003
Rays of light having respective wavelengths angular-dispersed and output from a VIPA plate are collected by a lens, and diffracted by a grating pair which is an optical path shift generation unit and optical path shift amount variation unit, and have a shift in a path of rays having diff

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