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Miki; Hisahiro
Chigasaki, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8234666 Optical disc apparatus July 31, 2012
The present application relates to an optical disc apparatus for carrying out at least one of recording and reproduction of signals onto or from a data recording surface of an optical disc loaded in the optical disc apparatus. The optical disc apparatus is capable of being thinned and
8220010 Disc drive with clearance adjustment member July 10, 2012
There is provided a disc drive by which the fluid loss of a disc is reduced and the electric power consumption of a spindle motor can be decreased. In the disc drive according to the present invention, a rotation load reducing member is provided between a top cover and the disc. The
8024747 Optical disc apparatus September 20, 2011
An optical disc apparatus including first to fourth disc guides. At the end of disc loading, the first one, in a fixed position, contacts a peripheral side face of the optical disc at a first point thereon to support the disc; the second one has a plane opposite to the peripheral sid
7996857 Optical disc apparatus August 9, 2011
The invention makes it possible to carry out an emergency eject motion without attaching and detaching teeth between gears in a transmission system of a driving force of a loading motor, in an optical disc apparatus. At least one of gear units in a gear train constructing a transmiss
7813232 Disc drive October 12, 2010
Since a disc vibrates in a natural mode at a predetermined rotation speed, a variation in a tilt of the disc relative to an optical head is caused. As a result, the read/write performance of a disc drive is deteriorated. The disc drive has a disc tilt database for recording a relative ti
7690008 Optical disc drive having openings in the housing to allow air therein March 30, 2010
An optical disc drive may include a tray movable for the sake of mounting and dismounting a disc, a disc rotation mechanism arranged at the center to rotate the disc, and a pickup arranged on a backside of the center to write and read the disc within a housing. The optical disc drive may
7536700 Disc drive unit May 19, 2009
A disc drive unit capable of preventing occurrence of errors in a recording system such as a CD or a DVD, using an optical head for recording data on a disc or reproducing data recorded on the disc. A disc tray is adapted to accommodate the disc, and load and unload the disc. A top c
7472407 Optical disc apparatus having dynamic damper mechanism December 30, 2008
The invention provides an optical disc apparatus having a dynamic damper mechanism which does not use any part for exclusive use for absorbing a shock of an optical pickup. The optical disc apparatus is provided with a chassis attached to a base chassis via a first elastic body, shafts
6590849 Disk drive apparatus July 8, 2003
In the case when a disk is transported into or out of an apparatus, local contact noise is generated in a drive transmission gear and a clutch portion of a disk loading mechanism. Also, this phenomenon gives rise to problems relating to damage of parts, life of a loading motor and the
6510122 Disk drive device January 21, 2003
Disk storage devices have exhibited an increase in rotational vibrations which attend high speed rotation due to weight unbalance of a disk. Accordingly, an unbalance correcting mechanism, provided with correcting balls to correct the aforesaid unbalance, meets a problem that the cor
6496464 Disk drive apparatus December 17, 2002
A disk drive apparatus is provided in which there is a disk tray having a disk-receiving face shaped in the form of a circular groove for mounting a recording disk thereon. The disk tray has a plurality of disk holding parts for holding a recording disk onto the disk-receiving face. A di
6477133 Disk drive with unbalance correcting mechanism November 5, 2002
A disk drive is realized, which omits running-in for stabilizing a change in a correcting function produced by sliding between balls and a rolling groove in an unbalance correcting mechanism, and prevents immobility and straying of balls, and which comprises a unit mechanism assembled by
6459668 Disk type reproducing apparatus and revolution control method October 1, 2002
The number of revolutions of a disk is once increased to a higher level than a resonance frequency of a rotation support system at the startup of rotation of the disk, and subsequently servo control for a pickup actuator is made to work to read information from the disk. It is possible t

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