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Mihara; Makoto
Nara, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7414228 High frequency heating apparatus August 19, 2008
There is constructed a constitution such that a shunt resistor 30 is interposed in series with a portion capable of measuring an output current of a unidirectional power source portion 1 of a high frequency heating apparatus and a voltage generated at the shunt resistor 30 is outputt
6956456 Magnetron drive boosting transformer October 18, 2005
The present invention provides a boosting transformer for microwave oven, which is low in high-frequency loss, hardly saturated, small in size and easy to produce. The boosting transformer includes a rod-like ferrite core; and primary, secondary and heater windings wound around the rod-l
6891738 Power-supply unit for electronic oven May 10, 2005
A Hall element (H) is arranged at an air gap of a choke coil (30). Power semiconductor elements (P1) and (P2) are attached to a heat radiation fin (61) directly by soldering. A rectangular-hollow-shaped metal core (27) is formed by winding a long metal thin plate multiple turns into a
6624579 Magnetron drive power supply September 23, 2003
It is provided a magnetron drive power supply wherein a series connection body of first and second semiconductor switch elements that can be brought into reverse conduction and a series connection body of first and second diodes are connected in parallel, first and second capacitors are
6449178 Magnetron drive step-up transformer and transformer of magnetron drive power supply September 10, 2002
A primary winding (1) and a secondary winding (2) are layered concentrically with a magnetic substance forming a main magnetic circuit (13) and the magnetic resistance of a subordinate magnetic circuit (14) placed between the primary winding (1) and the secondary winding (2) is adjus
6445596 Magnetron drive power supply September 3, 2002
High-voltage diodes (6) and (7) and high-voltage capacitors (8) and (9) making up a high-voltage circuit are connected and are molded of a resin (22) except that terminals (21a) and (21b) are drawn out as a small-sized high-voltage module (23) in one piece.
6362463 High frequency heating apparatus March 26, 2002
A high frequency heating apparatus including a circuit for driving a magnetron. A circuit comprises a leakage transformer, a second capacitor connected in series to primary coil of said leakage transformer, a second switching device connected in parallel with a series circuit of said
5977530 Switching power supply for high frequency heating apparatus November 2, 1999
A switching device is employed in a power supply for driving a magnetron with lower withstand voltage and better controllability. A high frequency heating apparatus comprises a power supply, a leakage transformer connected to the power supply, a first switching device connected in se
5393961 Air cooling fan arrangement in a microwave heating device February 28, 1995
In a microwave heating device, a propeller fan is mounted on a drive shaft of a motor that in vertically positioned parts of a high frequency power supply unit are arranged in the order of a power control semiconductor device and a high-voltage transformer along the direction of revoluti
4970374 Automatic heating appliance with weight sensor November 13, 1990
There is disclosed herein an automatic heating appliance for controlling heating of an object in response to operation of instruction keys and on the basis of the weight of an object to be heated. The appliance includes therein a heating chamber for housing the object, a heater provided
4895067 Heat cooking apparatus January 23, 1990
A heat cooking apparatus accurately detects minor weight variations of an article of food by detecting the weight of the article of food received on a turntable in synchronization with the position of the turntable or its rotational cycle, so as to control the cooking based on such weigh
4875533 Automatic weight detecting device October 24, 1989
An automatic weight detecting device is provided with a platform on which an object to be measured is placed, a supporting shaft for supporting the platform is rotatable and smoothly movable in the supporting direction. A driving motor rotates the supporting shaft, and an elastic member

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