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Miaskoff; Leonard
Easton, PA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE29105 Apparatus for making books January 11, 1977
An improved apparatus for making books and other sheet material articles includes a main conveyor for transporting groups of signatures to a covering station. A cover conveyor transports covers to the covering station where they are sequentially applied to the groups of signatures in
4260145 Signature handling apparatus April 7, 1981
The disclosed signature handling apparatus is for use with a saddle conveyor which moves signatures with a folded edge up along a path through a series of stations. The apparatus transfers signatures from the saddle conveyor to the infeed conveyor of a signature trimmer in a smooth motio
4250988 Mechanism for transferring books and the like February 17, 1981
A mechanism for transferring books or the like between work stations comprises a conveyor chain. A raceway is located along the conveyor chain and supports books thereon. A plurality of pushing devices project from the conveyor chain. Each of the pushing devices has a surface spaced abov
4078784 Signature opening apparatus March 14, 1978
An improved signature handling apparatus includes a movable gripper jaw which operates in conjunction with similar gripper mechanisms to clamp and spread the signature so that the laps fall on opposite sides of the saddle in a saddle gatherer. In order to assure that the pages on the opp
4066162 Orbital turn January 3, 1978
A mechanism for transferring a book having a bound edge from one linear conveyor to another linear conveyor where the directions of movement of the conveyor intersect at an angle and where the article undergoes rotation during such transfer whereby the bound edge is reorientated so as
4031793 Band knife tooth shape June 28, 1977
A cutting blade for use in paper trimming machines and the like. A beveled surface is included which tapers the first side of the blade toward a second side so as to form an acute angle at the intersection of the second side and the beveled surface. The blade is regularly scalloped along

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