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Menez; Jean
Cagnes-sur-Mer, FR
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6157637 Transmission system of telephony circuits over a packet switching network December 5, 2000
Process for transmitting compressed voice circuits over a packet switching network of the type comprising a plurality of switching nodes (SW-1 to SW-7) interconnected by connection lines and including at least an end switching node (SW-1) connected to a source exchange telephone device
6104998 System for coding voice signals to optimize bandwidth occupation in high speed packet switching August 15, 2000
A system for coding voice signal to optimize bandwidth occupation in a High Speed Packet Switching network while ensuring best voice transmission quality.The voice signal is first encoded using a conventional GSM like RPE/LTP coder providing first sub-frames of coded signal and tagging t
5631978 Method and apparatus for subband coding images May 20, 1997
This technique for coding images involves filtering the original input image into subband images using successive high-pass and low-pass filterings over a tree-shaped filter with each tree filtering stage involving re-scaling operations adjusted to keep the subband image signal dynam
5629737 Method and apparatus for subband coding video signals May 13, 1997
Technique for coding video images by filtering the original input image into subband images using successive high-pass and low-pass filterings over a tree-shaped filter bank. Each subband image is then submitted to activity detection and coded with a different number of levels depending
5444488 Method and apparatus for coding digital data using vector quantizing techniques August 22, 1995
A vector quantization encoder comprises a codebook built with the so-called Linde-Buzo-Gray (LBG) algorithm, an intermediary codebook built from the initial codebook (LBG) and a Hash-table containing subsets of the initial codebook (LBG). Vector quantization is then performed in two step
5351291 Adaptive echo cancellation method and device for implementing said method September 27, 1994
The echo cancellation method includes starting with an arbitrary set of echo filter coefficients. The coefficients are first sequentially re-estimated using a fast converging method.These operations are repeated a predefined number of times, and then the coefficients estimation is switch
5142583 Low-delay low-bit-rate speech coder August 25, 1992
A vector quantizing speech coder includes a Short-Term-Predictive filter which receives originally sampled speech signal s(n) and decorrelates it into a residual signal r(n). A device is provided to quantize the residual signal r(n) at a low bit rate. The device also generates a reconstr
5007092 Method and apparatus for dynamically adapting a vector-quantizing coder codebook April 9, 1991
A signal vector quantizing coder (CELP) is provided with an adaptive codebook originally loaded with preselected codewords. The codebook is split into a fixed contents portion and a fixed length adaptive contents portion. During coding operations, the codewords dynamically selected for
4933957 Low bit rate voice coding method and system June 12, 1990
This low bit rate voice encoding involves short-term predictive filtering the voice signal s(n) using partial correlation related coefficients derived from pre-emphasized s(n), and deriving a short term signal r(n); then deriving a long-term residual signal e(n) by subtracting a delayed
4216354 Process for compressing data relative to voice signals and device applying said process August 5, 1980
A voice signal is transmitted digitally at reduced bit rate by use of data compression. The original frequency components of a telephone band width of the voice signal sampled at 8 KHz and quantized with 12 bits are transformed into three parameters: SIGNAL data representing adaptive

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