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Meier; Dietrich
Niedererlinsbach, CH
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8072228 Angle measuring device December 6, 2011
An angle measuring device for optical angle measurement has a telescope body 5 which is rotatably mounted around at least one shaft (1, 2; 11), wherein the shaft (1, 2; 11) is rotatably mounted at least two bearing points 6, and the bearing points 6 are at a distance from one another in
8031331 Coordinate measurement instrument October 4, 2011
A coordinate measurement instrument includes an optical distance measurement device (200, 300) for measuring the distance from an auxiliary measurement means (5) which can move in space, a zoom camera (106), which can rotate with respect to at least two axes, with a zoom lens, and an
7609387 Method and measuring device for measuring an absolute distance October 27, 2009
In a method and a measuring device (10) for measuring an absolute distance value corresponding with a range (9) between a measuring device (10) and a target (8), wherein for measuring the absolute distance value a number of individual measuring steps are performed with an absolute distan
7529285 Frequency stabilised gas laser May 5, 2009
A method for the frequency stabilization of a gas laser with a laser tube (1), in stable operation includes a continuous operation control procedure with the following steps: Operating the gas laser for the radiation of laser light; measuring an intensity of one component of the ra
6603539 Method for detecting the spatial position of a tracking mirror and a mirror arrangement for carr August 5, 2003
In a laser tracking system equipped for interferometric distance measurement there are provided at least two retroreflectors (3.1, 3.2, 3.3) which are connected to the target tracking mirror (1) in a manner such that their position changes when the spatial orientation of the target t
5893214 Measuring ball reflector April 13, 1999
Measuring sphere reflector for direction measurements and/or distance measurements, which is distinguished in that there is inserted into the measuring sphere (10) a retroreflecting triple prism (17) whose base face (18) cuts out a part of the surface (11) of the measuring sphere and who
5764360 Electro-optical measuring device for absolute distances June 9, 1998
Electro-optical measuring device for absolute distances to a target point. In addition to the beam polarization being modulated as is required for the Fizeau method, the invention provides that the modulation means contain a modulator crystal (8; 7) having electrodes which are connected
5617440 Device for holding a cylindrical laser tube in a stable radiation direction April 1, 1997
A device for holding a cylindrical laser tube (3) in a stable radiation direction in the cylindrical internal space of a metallic housing (2), the internal space having a larger diameter than the laser tube (3) and O-rings (4) for mounting the laser tube (3) being fitted in the end r
4916324 Method and apparatus for electro-optical distance measurement April 10, 1990
To simplify the reflectors for electro-optical distance measurement with a distance measuring apparatus with modulation of light outside of the light source, the optical bundle for distance measurement is focussed on to the target. Thereby, distance measurements on unprepared (non-cooper

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