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McInroy; John W.
Austin, TX
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4555759 Selective use of restored file setups November 26, 1985
The specification discloses a method for using stored information about previous file setups to permit portions of the previous file setup to be reconstructed and selectively used for different tasks or for the stored setup to be used for multiple, compatible files. A specified task to b
4510567 Qualifying and sorting file record data April 9, 1985
Record data on a disk file is sorted in a text/data processor by means of an algorithm that transfers such records on the basis of rank to a sort buffer on the basis of qualifying criteria. Each qualified file record is compared with the lowest ranked record previously transferred and lo
4507753 Method for automatic field width expansion in a text processing system during interactive entry March 26, 1985
An improved method is disclosed for entering record selection criteria into an interactive text processing system which also processes spatially related data that is stored in vector formatted record. A qualifying frame is displayed consisting of a header row and, for example, three qual
4481603 File processing method using expanding display windows for selected records and text fields November 6, 1984
An information processing system (10) has a terminal (12) which functions with a diskette storage (14). The terminal (12) includes a display screen (16) and keyboard (18) wherein an operator enters alphanumeric characters and predefined commands. A file of information is stored on the di
4459678 Method and apparatus for processing a file of record information July 10, 1984
An information processing system is disclosed which includes a display, a memory, a keyboard and a control unit. The system may store and display data in a table format by record and field. The system may be employed in an entry edit mode whereby data is entered or edited by an operator
4454576 Report preparation June 12, 1984
A system for use in an electronic digital signal processor for assembling multiple report definition instructions to create a shell document to generate a file report. The system enables an operator to depress an instruction key to call up an instruction menu and select for display the
4435777 Interactively rearranging spatially related data March 6, 1984
An improved method is disclosed for assisting the operator of an interactive text processing system in entering instructional data which defines to the system changes to stored spatially related data. The method involves the operator identifying to the system the task to be accomplis
4434475 Method of entering criteria for selecting records of spatially related data stored in an interac February 28, 1984
An improved method is disclosed for assisting the operator of an interactive text processing system. The method assists the operator in entering interactively selection criteria to be used in selecting records from the existing file. The improved method involves displaying to the ope
4430725 Method for displaying source and destination file headers for easy comparison of proposed header February 7, 1984
An improved method is disclosed for providing to the operator of an interactive text processing system a displayed summary confirming the effect of requested changes to the field order in an existing file of spatially related data stored in the system prior to creation of new file.The me
4416558 Method of controlling a printer in an interactive text processing system to print records from s November 22, 1983
An improved method is disclosed for printing a file of spatially related data stored in an interactive text processing system as vector formatted records. The method involves establishing for the printer the number of print positions for the print line, and transferring the field titles

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