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McCole; Thomas P.
South Natick, MA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4693963 Self-developing integral film unit September 15, 1987
This application discloses novel self-developing film units of the integral type. The film units have spacers or rails positioned between the superposed sheets for controlling the thickness of the applied layer of processing fluid. The rupturable pod is attached to the remainder of the
4356248 Photographic product October 26, 1982
A photographic film unit of the type comprising two sheets between which a fluid composition is adapted to be spread during processing of a latent image, comprising a fluid trap and gas vent structure for releasing gases expelled from the film unit during the spreading of the processing
4226519 Self-developing film pack with improved spread control structure October 7, 1980
A film pack, for use in a self-developing camera, including a film container having improved processing fluid spread control structure embodied in an extended forward wall portion of the container adjacent a film withdrawal slot to locate a spread control surface thereon in closer re
4092167 Photographic film unit with taps on binding element May 30, 1978
A photographic film unit comprising superposed photosensitive and image-viewing elements including an area adapted to be exposed and processed by an aqueous alkaline processing composition spread in a layer between the two elements to facilitate formation of a transfer image. A trap
4019251 Flat battery and method of manufacture April 26, 1977
A method for constructing flat batteries having improved peripheral seals. These batteries are characterized in incorporating polymeric intercell connectors, outer collector assemblies including an externally disposed sheet terminal-current collector and sheet separator components associ
3944701 Photographic film unit having gravure coated, tapered thickness layer March 16, 1976
Method for making sheet materials are disclosed having a layer or layers of a non-uniform thickness, in particular a method of making sheet materials tapered from a maximum thickness near one and to a minimum thickness near the opposite end; and sheet materials prepared by such methods.

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