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Matsuzaki; Atsushi
Kanagawa, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6426595 Flat display apparatus July 30, 2002
A flat display apparatus having improved luminance, contrast and response of display, and applicable for assembling a large flat display apparatus free from the discontinuity of display and having improved luminance, contrast and response of display. The flat display apparatus includes a
5138442 Image registration system for multiple picture tube projection television August 11, 1992
A projector including a projector to superpose pictures on a screen, the pictures being displayed on cathode ray tubes corresponding to different colors. Reference signals are inputted to the corresponding cathode ray tubes for a predetermined period of time after application of power so
4896209 Passenger vehicle polling system having a central unit for polling passenger seat terminal units January 23, 1990
A passenger vehicle polling system. The system is capable of polling one or more terminal units, where each terminal unit is provided at a different one of a plurality of passenger seats in a passenger vehicle, to obtain information indicative of the state of each terminal unit. The poll
4887152 Message delivery system operable in an override mode upon reception of a command signal December 12, 1989
An information transmission system for transmitting signals from a transmitting side through a single transmission line to a plurality of terminal units. When the terminal units are interrupted by a command signal from the transmitting side, transmission of ordinary information signa
4866515 Passenger service and entertainment system for supplying frequency-multiplexed video, audio, and September 12, 1989
A service and entertainment system for transmitting video signals, audio signals and television game software signals from a central transmitting apparatus to each of a plurality of terminal units mounted at respective passenger seats in a passenger vehicle such as aircraft or the like,
4703345 Current control apparatus in which the beam current for all three colors is controlled according October 27, 1987
A cathode ray tube beam current control apparatus for controlling the beam current in a plurality of cathode ray tubes each of which produce different colors wherein each of the cathode ray tubes have a current source circuit which is connected to a respective cathode of each of the
4668977 Multi-beam projector with dual-beam cathode ray tubes May 26, 1987
A multi-beam projector incorporates a cathode ray tube for each of the primary colors red, green and blue, with each cathode ray tube having two electron beams, with all of said electron beams being horizontally and vertically deflected in synchronism with each other. Primary color video

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