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Matsuo; Takayuki
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8230811 Animal litter July 31, 2012
Animal litter is provided that causes little damage to the legs or the like of animals using a litter box and generates a small amount of ammonia. The animal litter includes a plurality of particulate matter, in which the plurality of respective particulate matter includes a group of
7987818 Animal litter box August 2, 2011
To provide a movable hood which can be opened and closed smoothly even though a distance between the movable hood and a fixed hood is reduced. An animal litter box 1 comprises an evacuation container 2; and a hood 3, the hood 3 having a fixed hood 31, a movable hood 32, and a pair of
7895976 Animal litter March 1, 2011
A litter which has superior absorbency and deodorization capabilities, does not roll nor spread over a wide area easily, does not easily stick to the bottom of animals' feet, and is not easily carried out of the container when an animal enters or exits a container holding this litter
7856945 Animal litter box December 28, 2010
An animal litter box having a movable hood can be used both in the open state and the closed state, and the movable hood can be compactly accommodated in the open state. The animal litter box includes an evacuation container and a hood, the hood having a fixed hood, a movable hood, a
7849818 Animal litter box December 14, 2010
To provide an animal litter box that is easy to clean and whose setup space is not large. An animal litter box equipped with an excreta container; a lower container; and a hood, the hood has a fixed hood at a backside; a movable hood disposed at a front side; and a pair of linking po
7832357 Animal litter box November 16, 2010
An animal litter box includes an evacuation container and a hood, the hood having a fixed hood, a movable hood, and a pair of connecting portions. The movable hood is configured to be moved rotatably either outside or inside the fixed hood such that an end edge of the movable hood is
7467600 Animal litter December 23, 2008
Provided is a litter, related to litter used for animal litter, which suppresses odors due to excretory substances remaining in litter and litter container using thereof.This animal litter comprises a plurality of granular materials, one part of a surface thereof comprising first gra
7387085 Animal litter June 17, 2008
Animal litter includes a plurality of granular materials, each having a water-shedding part and a liquid-absorbing part.
7380519 Pet litter box June 3, 2008
A pet litter box includes a litter container for storing liquid-passing litter and a liquid-absorbing sheet tray for holding a liquid-absorbing sheet. The front-back direction of the liquid-absorbing sheet can be changed without removing the liquid-absorbing sheet from the tray. The
7131396 Animal toilet November 7, 2006
An animal toilet is provided that can be cleaned easily, particularly an animal toilet that allows liquid such as urine evacuated therein to move to a liquid-absorbing sheet efficiently. The animal toilet includes a dripping container having an opening for an animal entering and exiting,
6994054 Animal litter box February 7, 2006
An animal litter box is to be provided that can be cleaned easily and can reduce the number of time to change an animal litter, particularly an animal litter box that allows liquid such as urine evacuated onto the granular materials to move to a liquid-absorbing sheet efficiently. An

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