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Mann; Egon
Friedrichshafen, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6250180 Hydromechanical traveling mechanism June 26, 2001
A traveling mechanism having a driving motor (24) which drives a feed pump (25) and a hydrostatic variable displacement pump (2), a zero fluctuating hydrostatic variable displacement motor (1) which forms with the hydrostatic variable displacement pump (2) a hydrostatic circuit and a
6186262 Hydrostatic mechanical wheel drive February 13, 2001
In a wheel drive with a radial-piston motor (5) and a planet gear (4) a wheel hub (3) being placed on a wheel hub support (1) by means of wheel bearings (10). The wheel hub support (1) can be joined to a transmission connector (4) in a single piece and is fastened to a vehicle chassis
6074083 Hydrostatic-mechanical drive for a mixing drum June 13, 2000
A hydrostatic-mechanical drive unit for a mixing drum, especially of a mobile concrete mixer has pistons (24) of a hydraulic motor (25) that are spring-loaded so as to constantly bear, via rollers (25), on a cam surface (26). With a hydraulic pump (2) stationary, the operating mode of th
5992145 Method and device for preventing an interruption of tension during connection and disconnection November 30, 1999
The method for preventing the interruption of tension during connection and disconnection of a first hydraulic motor to and from the power train of vehicles, in particular loaders, consists in that during the disconnection of the first hydraulic motor the high-pressure line is connected
5918509 Powershift reversing transmission July 6, 1999
A powershift reversing transmission (1) having a hydrodynamic torque converter and at least two clutches (17, 18) for shifting to the forward and reverse driving directions. The clutches are designed as negative clutches. A reservoir (33), from which pressurized medium flows through an
5839984 Failsafe brake system for a motor vehicle, in particular for a hydrostatic construction machine November 24, 1998
The invention relates to a drive system for a motor vehicle, in particular for a construction machine. A hydrostatic transmission unit comprising a variable displacement pump (25), a variable displacement motor (1) and a feed pump (26), is connected downstream of a diesel motor (24). In
5820506 Wheel drive for tracked vehicles October 13, 1998
A wheel drive for working machines, in particular tracked vehicles. A drive shaft (6) connects a hydraulic motor (26), which is in the form of a slow-running radial piston engine, to a planetary gear (11, 40). The hydraulic motor (26) is disposed on one side of a hub carrier (4) and the
5779588 Drive for lifting equipment July 14, 1998
The invention concerns a lifting equipment drive consisting of a drive motor, a brake (6) and a dual-stage planetary transmission (9). Both planetary gear sets (8, 10) have helical gearing. The sun gear (15) of the second planetary gear set (10) has a floating mounting in a hub carrier
5746509 Hydrostatic-mechanical gear for driving a mixing drum May 5, 1998
The invention concerns a hydrostatic-mechanical gear for driving a mixed drum and, in particular, the drum of a concrete mixer vehicle. Cooling is provided for by the continuous removal of oil from a high pressure circuit, via a connecting pipe, and the constant feeding of the cooled
5306215 Drive device with gearbox April 26, 1994
A drive device specially used in mobile excavators, wheeled loaders and similar work machines contains a power-shiftable transmission (4) designed as planetary transmission and driven by a hydraulic motor (3). The transmission (4) preferably has two speed levels which are alternatively
5251878 Drive for lifting equipment October 12, 1993
To improve the smoothness in running in a lifting equipment drive having an engine, one brake and one multi-stage planetary transmission, the input planetary gear set is helical cut and the second planetary gear set is straight cut. In addition, the input shaft is divided between the sun
5167291 Hydrostatic drive system for vehicles December 1, 1992
A hydrostatic drive system for vehicles including a hydromotor with a control unit forming together a drive unit which in the assembled state can be inserted in the seat of the centering device of the drive system, the configuration and arrangement of the wheel brake valve wakes possible
5151068 Driving mechanism with two speed clutch September 29, 1992
A driving mechanism, specially for mobile excavators and similar construction machines, having a power-shiftable two-gear transmission (4) constructed as planetary gear and driven by a hydromotor, includes two speed levels alternatively engageable and disengageable via hydraulically
4667536 Hydrostatic/mechanical transmission system May 26, 1987
A hydrostatic/mechanical transmission system for motor vehicles having an engine coupled with a multi-speed mechanical transmission and a hydrostatic transmission including an accessory drive connectable to activate a variable displacement hydropump that is hydraulically connected wi
4651526 Hydrostatic drive specially for mixing drums of ready-mixed concrete vehicles March 24, 1987
A transmission casing wherein is inserted a flooded hydromotor has together with an annular space traversed by a forced flow a double function both as oil cooler and as receiver container of the externally situated pumps. Both the working substance flowing out from said hydromotor and th
4583425 Compact hydraulic drive mechanism for wheel assemblies April 22, 1986
A driving mechanism, specially for use as tractor motor or servomotor, is made specially compact and makes possible the use of a simple, flat main wheel such as a sprocket. The compact construction is obtained by a few structural parts mostly made of one piece such as a hollow wheel for
4581949 Hydrostatic/mechanical transmission system April 15, 1986
A multi-speed transmission (4) driven by an engine (1) and is connected to drive an intermediate gearbox (16) that drives an axle drive (17). To obtain creep speed drive, a motor-dependent P.T.O. shaft (14) drives upon a variable displacement pump (18), which is connectable to a hydromot
4459875 Travelling drive for road rollers, more particularly with vibratory system July 17, 1984
Each wheel of a road roller is provided with a drive which has a hydraulic motor with a radial output shaft coupled to the drive shaft of the wheel by bevel gearing. At one side of the housing containing the bevel gearing and the hydraulic motor, a brake is provided for the drive shaft w
4397201 Hydrostatic-mechanical drive for self-propelled machines August 9, 1983
A hydrostatic-mechanical drive for a load, e.g. a self-propelled machine such as a concrete mixer comprising a hydrostatic motor which can be connected to the load via a mechanical transmission. According to the invention, the shaft of the hydrostatic motor extends into the control p
4329064 Hydrostatic-mechanical drive for vehicular cement mixers May 11, 1982
In a cement-mixer truck having a mixing drum rotated via a step-up transmission by a hydrostatic motor in turn energized by a power pump driven by the vehicle engine, the motor is disposed in a chamber at least partially filled with coolant replenished by leakage from the power pump
4291779 Wheel-mounted hydraulic drive system September 29, 1981
A wheel-mounted drive system usable for a sprocket wheel of a chain-drive vehicle has a nonrotatable two-part housing adapted to be mounted directly and substantially immovably on the vehicle frame. A hydraulic motor is mounted in one part of this housing and has a motor output extending
4275616 Hydraulic wheel drive June 30, 1981
A wheel drive comprises a hollow wheel support having a projection and in which is housed an axial-piston hydraulic motor having an output shaft connected via planetary gearing to the hub. To this end the projection is provided with mounting pins constituting the planet carrier of a firs
4213514 Hydraulic wheel drive with clutch July 22, 1980
A wheel drive for a piece of construction equipment or the like has a hydraulic motor mounted in a wheel support on which is rotatable the wheel-carrying hub. The output shaft of the motor is connected to one member of a clutch whose other member is connected to a two-stage planetary

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