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Manion; Todd R.
Redmond, WA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8260857 One to many data projection system and method September 4, 2012
The system and method of information or presentation projection allows a user to present information to single or multiple screens without need of additional cables. Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is used to advertise, find, and control the display devices. A reverse Terminal Service (TS
8255546 Peer name resolution protocol simple application program interface August 28, 2012
An application program interface (API) for sending and receiving endpoint registration data and peer-to-peer network cloud data has a registration call for adding endpoint data to a peer-to-peer network. The API may receive explicit data regarding address information or may be instructed
8244808 Integrated network and application session establishment August 14, 2012
A session manager recognizes the creation of a new collaboration session and creates a new network connection to host the collaboration session using information about the new collaboration session. More specifically, an identifier for the new host network connection is based on the name
8108548 Methodology and system for file replication based on a peergroup January 31, 2012
The claimed invention adapts an existing operating system native replication service component to interface with a general application running on a peer-to-peer network. The claimed invention provides the general application with replication services without the need for coding this
8036140 Application programming interface for inviting participants in a serverless peer to peer network October 11, 2011
Methods and computer readable mediums are described that facilitate inviting user entities on a network. The method may include initiating a first application for sending an invitation by a first user entity on a first endpoint, selecting a second user entity to receive the invitation,
7987290 Security modes for a routing table distributed across multiple mesh nodes July 26, 2011
A mesh is joined by a node, wherein the mesh includes a Distributed Routing Table (DRT) for determining addresses of nodes in the mesh. A DRT message is processed in accordance with a security mode of the DRT.
7958368 Password-authenticated groups June 7, 2011
A system, apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium are provided for authorizing a computing node to participate in a group of computing nodes utilizing a shared group password. According to one method described herein, an invitation to join a group is transmitted to a tentativ
7949996 Peer-to-peer identity management managed interfaces and methods May 24, 2011
A set of managed application programming interfaces (APIs) are presented to allow management of a user's name and identity within a peer to peer networking environment. These managed APIs enable a user to successfully create and manage their peer names and identities within this envi
7752253 Collaborative invitation system and method July 6, 2010
A set of collaborative contacts may be selected with an invitation user interface. An invitation to participate in a collaborative activity may be sent to the selected contacts from the invitation user interface or from a collaborative application. The invitation may be received by a
7698239 Self-evolving distributed system performance using a system health index April 13, 2010
In a distributed computing system, an artificial intelligence system may be employed to configure the network variables. A metric describing the overall system performance may be derived during network operation or simulation and compared to an ideal metric describing the same distri
7660852 Meeting structures and global unique identifiers February 9, 2010
A series of unique records may be published to establish and maintain ad hoc or online meetings on a peer-to-peer network. The published records include a creator record, a presentation record, a file sharing record, a friendly name record, and invitation status record, a capabilities
7660851 Meetings near me February 9, 2010
A method for creating, discovering, and joining meetings over a peer-to-peer network involves creation of a graph of meetings on a local subnet. When a meeting is created a meeting record is added to the graph where it may be discovered by other potential meeting attendees. A user ma
7620902 Collaboration spaces November 17, 2009
A computer implemented method and system enable users to create a social network providing access to other users. By providing access to such networks via a visual presentation, the system renders content available for access by other network members. Access is sometimes provided through
7617281 System and method for collaboration with serverless presence November 10, 2009
Collaboration between collaborative endpoints may be facilitated by a serverless publication service of a collaborative services platform. The serverless publication service may be configured to accept communicative connections from the collaborative endpoints. Users of the collaborative
7614060 Unified concept of presence November 3, 2009
A method and system may provide a unified concept of presence across all connected hosts by providing a common point of access for all presence-related data on the system. The application abstraction layer may provide a common interface for all presence-enabled applications to access
7613812 Peer-to-peer identity management interfaces and methods November 3, 2009
Peer-to-peer (P2P) application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow an application to create, import, export, manage, enumerate, and delete P2P identities are presented. Further, the management of group identity information is provided. APIs abstract away from low level credential an
7603482 DNS compatible PNRP peer name encoding October 13, 2009
A method of converting a peer name to a PNRP DNS is disclosed. The method may take a peer name and encode it into a common DNS name. The method may also take a PNRP DNS name and convert it to a peer name.
7596625 Peer-to-peer grouping interfaces and methods September 29, 2009
Application programming interfaces and methods that provide group management in a peer-to-peer (P2P) network are provided. More specifically, new and improved P2P application programming interfaces (APIs) and methods for the creation and access of groups, the retrieval of member and
7496648 Managed peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) interfaces for peer to peer networking February 24, 2009
The managed system and methods of the present invention are segmented into 3 main areas: Clouds, Registrations, and Resolvers. The cloud object provides information about the clouds that are available. If a could is available, the Registration object can be used to register endpoints wit
7493413 APIS to build peer to peer messaging applications February 17, 2009
The claimed method and system is an API set to support a multicast programming model for implementation on top of a service oriented framework, specifically a service oriented messaging system.
7454465 Real-time collaboration and communication in a peer-to-peer networking infrastructure November 18, 2008
Methods that enable real-time communication and collaboration in a peer-to-peer (P2P) network are provided. More specifically, methods for the creation and access of an underlying graph and/or group structure to pass collaboration/real-time communication data and other functions such
7437440 Peer-to-peer networking framework application programming interfaces October 14, 2008
A managed class peer networking framework and associated object-oriented application programming interfaces are presented. An application uses the framework API to communicate with the various peer networking subsystem interfaces. These subsystems utilize lower level Win32 interfaces and
7430747 Peer-to peer graphing interfaces and methods September 30, 2008
Application programming interfaces and methods that provide graph management in a peer-to-peer (P2P) network are provided. More specifically, new and improved P2P application programming interfaces (APIs) and methods for the creation and access of graphs, the retrieval of node and gr
7350074 Peer-to-peer authentication and authorization March 25, 2008
An authentication mechanism uses a trusted people store that can be populated on an individual basis by users of computing devices, and can comprise certificates of entities that the user wishes to allow to act as certification authorities. Consequently, peer-to-peer connections can be
7139760 Peer-to-peer record structure and query language for searching and discovery thereof November 21, 2006
A simple record query language (SRQL) is a generic record meta-data query solution that can natively describe the information contained in a record and search each against it to find records whose meta-data matches a particular set of criteria. SRQL includes both a record data structure

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