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Mangold; Rainer
Herbrechtingen, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7696111 Cosmetic pad April 13, 2010
The inventive cosmetic pad (2) exhibiting an improved effectiveness thereof for make-up removal contains or consists of discontinuous synthetic micro staple fibers whose length is equal to or greater than 7 mm.
7462754 Absorbent structure and method for producing the same December 9, 2008
A method for producing an absorbent structure and the resulting absorbent structure. The method includes the steps of introducing a thermoplastic polymer into an extrusion apparatus, melting the thermoplastic polymer material having a moisture content of at least 0.5 percent by weight in
7455665 Hygiene article with fastening elements November 25, 2008
A hygiene article has a fluid permeable protective layer, a rear, fluid impermeable layer and an absorbing body arranged between the layers. The article has a first longitudinal direction and a second transverse direction. Fastening elements are provided for removably fastening the h
7435245 Fastening element for hygiene articles and endless tape for the production of said element October 14, 2008
A fastening element for hygiene articles. The fastening element presents a first longitudinal direction and a second transverse direction in the form of a longitudinal section. The fastening element includes mechanically adhering clip elements, a first section corresponding to a firs
7378567 Absorbent body for hygiene articles May 27, 2008
An absorbent body for hygiene articles, particularly sanitary napkins or panty liners, includes a liquid absorbing and distributing layer facing the body and made of a first fibrous material with a first pore size, and a liquid storage layer facing away from the body and including at lea
7163745 Odor adsorption agent in hygiene articles January 16, 2007
An odor adsorption agent, in particular for use in a hygiene article, is formed of a thermoplastic granulate and a zeolite bonded to the thermoplastic granulate by means of a welded bond.
7007801 Packaging container for moist cloths or moist cosmetic pads March 7, 2006
A packaging container for accommodating at least two stacks of moist cloths or moist cosmetic pads. The moist cloths or moist cosmetic pads of different stacks overlap only in one partial area in such a manner that a moist cloth or cosmetic pad of one stack protrudes into the partial are

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