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Malito; John T.
Baton Rouge, LA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4663133 Removal of high molecular weight organic compounds from Bayer process caustic liquor May 5, 1987
High molecular weight organic compounds, such as humic acid derivatives, are removed from Bayer process caustic liquors by oxidation of these compounds. The process involves addition of oxygen to the caustic liquor in quantities in the range established by the solubility of the oxygen in
4578255 Purification of Bayer process liquors March 25, 1986
Bayer process liquors derived from the digestion of bauxites with a caustic solution are purified by removing at least a portion of the organic impurities present in the liquors. Removal of these impurities is accomplished by treating liquor containing dispersed therein solids genera
4430310 Purification of impure Bayer process liquors February 7, 1984
Bayer process caustic liquors are purified by treating the liquors with an organic solvent of relatively low boiling point, such as methanol, which causes the precipitation of inorganic carbonate and/or sulfate salt from the treated liquor. The treating solvent can be readily recovered f

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