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Mahmoud; Issa S.
Austin, TX
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4990224 Copper plating bath and process for difficult to plate metals February 5, 1991
An acid copper plating bath and process for using with electropositive metals such as aluminum and tungsten is described, wherein the bath contains sulfuric acid, copper sulfate, in solution with urea as a levelling agent, a cationic surfactant as a wetting agent and an ester of a su
4956022 Chemical polishing of aluminum alloys September 11, 1990
A chemical polishing bath and process are disclosed for pretreating aluminum and its alloys prior to plating or anodizing operations, which bath and process produce a mirrorlike finish.
4954370 Electroless plating of nickel on anodized aluminum September 4, 1990
A novel electroless plating bath composition and method for the use thereof, are described for depositing a layer of nickel on anodized aluminum substrates for facilitating direct attachment of electronic chips thereto; the bath composition being a neutralized solution of nickel sulf
4954226 Additive plating bath and process September 4, 1990
An additive plating bath and process are described for use in printed circuit manufacturing for applying copper to thick film patterns, said bath includes a low concentration of sulfuric acid, copper sulfate, urea, glycerin and a surface active agent in an aqueous solution.
4898651 Anodic coatings on aluminum for circuit packaging February 6, 1990
A process for preparing aluminum alloy substrates for use in electrical packaging includes anodizing in an aqueous bath solution containing sulfuric acid, citric acid, urea, and ammoniated colloidal silica; the latter three components being a complexing agent, a leveling agent and a
4894126 Anodic coatings on aluminum for circuit packaging January 16, 1990
An anodizing bath for aluminum alloys is disclosed; the aqueous bath solution contains sulfuric acid, citric acid, urea, and ammoniated colloidal silica; the latter three components being a complexing agent, a leveling agent and a stabilizing agent, respectively, so as to result in a
4750262 Method of fabricating a printed circuitry substrate June 14, 1988
A composite substrate suitable for use as substrates for printed circuitry to which surface mountable components may be attached is disclosed. The substrate material comprises an alloy having a low coefficient of thermal expansion, to which aluminum is laminated and which is subsequently
4636251 Materials for electrical contact January 13, 1987
A new alloy material for use in electrical contacts is disclosed, comprising by weightthe balance of nickel.
4431707 Plating anodized aluminum substrates February 14, 1984
Nickel and copper are plated over a thick anodic coating on an aluminum substrate as a step in the manufacture of printed circuit board substrates.

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