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Lyons; Robert Joseph
Burnt Hills, NY
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8252613 Color stable manganese-doped phosphors August 28, 2012
A process for preparing color stable Mn.sup.+4 doped phosphors includes providing a phosphor of formula I; A.sub.x[MF.sub.y]:Mn.sup.+4 I and contacting the phosphor in particulate form with a saturated solution of a composition of formula II in aqueous hydrofluoric acid; A.sub.x[MF.
8057706 Moisture-resistant phosphor and associated method November 15, 2011
A phosphor material contains encapsulated particles of manganese (Mn.sup.4+) doped fluoride phosphor. A method of encapsulating such particles is also provided. Each particle is encapsulated with a layer of a manganese-free fluoride phosphor. The use of such a phosphor material in a
7560046 Scintillator material and radiation detectors containing same July 14, 2009
A sintered, annealed scintillator composition, which, prior to annealing, has a formula of A.sub.3B.sub.2C.sub.3O.sub.12, where A is at least one member of the group consisting of Tb, Ce, and Lu, or combinations thereof, B is an octahedral site (Al), and C is a tetrahedral site (also
7329875 Detector array for imaging system and method of making same February 12, 2008
A method of manufacturing a detector array for an imaging system, the method comprising providing a pixelated scintillator having a plurality of lost molded pixels comprising a scintillator material adapted to detect radiation.
7164134 High performance CT reflector for a scintillator array and method for making same January 16, 2007
An apparatus and method for fabricating a high performance reflective material for use on scintillator elements in a computed tomograph (CT) imaging device. Adjacent scintillator elements are separated by gaps filled with a reflective coating layer. In one embodiment, the reflective
7098460 Monolithic structure for x-ray CT collimator August 29, 2006
A conversion device for use in an imaging system is provided. The conversion device includes a first perforated plate portion forming a plurality of collimator channels separated by a plurality of thin collimator walls. A second perforated plate portion forming a plurality of scintil
7008558 Terbium or lutetium containing scintillator compositions having increased resistance to radiatio March 7, 2006
In some aspects, a scintillator composition includes, prior to annealing, the composition (G.sub.1-x-yA.sub.xRE.sub.y).sub.aD.sub.zO.sub.12, wherein D is selected from the group consisting of Al, Ga and In, G is selected from the group consisting of Tb, Y, La, Gd, and Yb, A is select
6858159 Titanium-doped hafnium oxide scintillator and method of making the same February 22, 2005
Hafnium oxide HfO.sub.2 scintillator compositions are doped with titanium oxide and at least an oxide of a metal selected from the group consisting of Be, Mg, and Li. The scintillator compositions can include sintering aid material such as scandium and/or tin and a rare earth metal and/o
6793848 Terbium or lutetium containing garnet scintillators having increased resistance to radiation dam September 21, 2004
The present invention provides terbium or lutetium garnet x ray scintillators activated with a rare earth metal ion, such as cerium, and treated by annealing in a controlled atmosphere comprising a predetermined amount of oxygen for a predetermined time and temperature to reduce radi
6768326 SiC photodiode detectors for radiation detection applications July 27, 2004
A radiation detector includes: a scintillator which produces UV photons in response to receiving radiation from a radiation producing source; and, a wide bandgap semiconductor device sensitive to the UV photons produced by the scintillator. The semiconductor device produces an electric s
6585913 Scintillator compositions of alkali and rare-earth tungstates July 1, 2003
Scintillator compositions useful for the detection of high-energy radiation, such as X, .beta., or .gamma. radiation, contain alkali and rare earth pyrotungstates. In particular, the pyrotungstate is a double tungstate containing an oxide of an alkali metal selected from the group co
6516044 Scintillation apparatus and method of light collection for use with a radiation emitting medical February 4, 2003
An improved scintillator detector cell geometry for converting radiation to light with improved light collection is provided. Shaping the exit face of a scintillator to increase the surface area of the exit face results in a decrease in a fraction of angles that undergo total internal re

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