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Lyons; Nicholas J.
Houston, TX
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8292006 Diamond-enhanced cutting elements, earth-boring tools employing diamond-enhanced cutting element October 23, 2012
Cutting elements for use in earth-boring applications include a substrate, a transition layer, and a working layer. The transition layer and the working layer comprise a continuous matrix phase and a discontinuous diamond phase dispersed throughout the matrix phase. The concentration
8268452 Bonding agents for improved sintering of earth-boring tools, methods of forming earth-boring too September 18, 2012
Methods for forming earth-boring tools include providing a metal or metal alloy bonding agent at an interface between a first element and a second element and sintering the first element, the second element, and the boding agent to form a bond between the first element and the second
8267204 Methods of forming polycrystalline diamond cutting elements, cutting elements, and earth-boring September 18, 2012
Methods of forming polycrystalline diamond elements include forming a polycrystalline diamond compact comprising a cavity in a surface thereof. A catalyst is at least substantially removed from the polycrystalline diamond compact, and the polycrystalline diamond compact is secured to a
8079429 Methods of forming earth-boring tools using geometric compensation and tools formed by such meth December 20, 2011
Geometric compensation techniques are used to improve the accuracy by which features may be located on drill bits formed using particle compaction and sintering processes. In some embodiments, a positional error to be exhibited by at least one feature in a less than fully sintered bi
8079428 Hardfacing materials including PCD particles, welding rods and earth-boring tools including such December 20, 2011
Hardfacing materials include particles of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) material embedded within a matrix material. The PCD particles comprise a plurality of inter-bonded diamond grains. Material compositions and structures used to apply a hardfacing material to an earth-boring tool
8074869 System, method, and apparatus for reactive foil brazing of cutter components for fixed cutter bi December 13, 2011
A reactive foil is used to assemble the components of rock bit cutters and to affix cutting elements to rock bit bodies. A small pulse of localized energy ignites the foil in a fraction of a second to deliver the necessary amount of heat energy to flow solder or braze and form a stro
7954380 Rotary drill bits and systems for inspecting rotary drill bits June 7, 2011
A method for conducting nondestructive internal inspection of a rotary drill bit used for drilling subterranean formations comprises communicating ultrasonic waves into a drill bit and detecting ultrasonic waves that are reflected by at least a portion of the drill bit. In some embod
7900718 Earth-boring tools having threads for affixing a body and shank together and methods of manufact March 8, 2011
Earth-boring tools comprise a shank comprising a distal connector including a set of threads thereon and a bit body comprising a shank connector, also comprising at least one set of threads thereon. The set of threads on the distal connector and the at least one set of threads on the
7836980 Earth-boring tools having pockets for receiving cutting elements and methods for forming earth-b November 23, 2010
Methods of forming cutting element pockets in blades of earth-boring tools include forming a first recess and a second recess intersecting at a location defining the a back of the pocket using a cutter oriented in a manner so as to avoid tool path interference with adjacent blades. A
7814998 Superabrasive cutting elements with enhanced durability and increased wear life, and drilling ap October 19, 2010
A cutting element for use in drilling subterranean formations. The cutting element includes a superabrasive table mounted to a supporting substrate. The superabrasive table includes a two-dimensional cutting face having a cutting edge along at least a portion of its periphery, and a surf
7802495 Methods of forming earth-boring rotary drill bits September 28, 2010
Methods of forming earth-boring rotary drill bits include providing a bit body, providing a shank that is configured for attachment to a drill string, and attaching the shank to the bit body. Providing a bit body includes providing a green powder component having a first region having
7776256 Earth-boring rotary drill bits and methods of manufacturing earth-boring rotary drill bits havin August 17, 2010
Methods of forming bit bodies for earth-boring bits include assembling green components, brown components, or fully sintered components, and sintering the assembled components. Other methods include isostatically pressing a powder to form a green body substantially composed of a part
7631560 Methods of inspecting rotary drill bits December 15, 2009
A method for conducting nondestructive internal inspection of a rotary drill bit used for drilling subterranean formations comprises communicating ultrasonic waves into a drill bit and detecting ultrasonic waves that are reflected by at least a portion of the drill bit. In some embod

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