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Lutz; Walter
Hochheim, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4801508 Drafting material January 31, 1989
The invention discloses a drafting material which comprises a plastic support having, on at least one surface, an adhesive layer, a layer of a pigmented or clear lacquer and an antistatic top layer, in which the layer of pigmented or clear lacquer contains a combination of(a) a linear ar
4661432 Light-sensitive, diazonium group-containing polycondensation product, process for its production April 28, 1987
A light-sensitive, diazonium group-containing polycondensation product is described which comprises(a) an optionally substituted diphenylamine-dianzonium salt I.(b) a compound corresponding to the formula II whereinR.sup.4 is H, alkyl or acyl, andR.sup.5 is an optionally substituted aromatic rad
4659645 Photosensitive mixture and photosensitive recording material with diazonium salt polycondensatio April 21, 1987
A photosensitive mixture comprised of(a) a diazonium salt polycondensation product comprising recurring units of the formulas A--N.sub.2 X and B, which units are linked by bivalent intermediate members derived from a carbonyl compound which is capable of condensation, wherein the

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