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Lui; Tat Nin
Aberdeen, HK
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D453288 Electric grinder February 5, 2002
D446431 Electric driving tool August 14, 2001
D429133 Electric saw August 8, 2000
D415941 Electric jigsaw November 2, 1999
D401827 Electric hand saw December 1, 1998
D400418 Chuck for electric drill November 3, 1998
D389384 Electric drill January 20, 1998
7157180 Rechargeable battery pack January 2, 2007
A battery pack for a power tool includes a casing housing rechargeable cells. A receiving bay in the casing receives slide-in parts of the power tool and of a recharging stand, to retain the battery pack. A pair of primary electrical contacts is located in or adjacent the receiving bay.
7109613 Power hand tool September 19, 2006
A power hand tool includes a body and an electric motor in the body and having a shaft for driving a connector for connecting and driving a cleaning/polishing implement. An enclosure encloses the motor for protection against intrusion of a liquid, and includes a thermally conductive
7101267 Tool holder for power tool September 5, 2006
A holder for holding a tool implement for use with a power tool having a drive output member. The holder includes a pair of first and second supports for connection to the output member, a clamp member located between the supports, and a cam supported between the first support and th
6637987 Drill bit October 28, 2003
A drill bit capable of axial cutting as well as side cutting, having a generally cylindrical elongate body with a bit diameter, includes a frontmost drilling end for axial cutting, a cutting section extending from the drilling end for side cutting, and a shank extending from the cutting
6506006 Power hand tool having a detachable handle January 14, 2003
A power hand tool includes a body, an electric motor, an output driving shaft rotatable by the motor, a holder for holding a cutting bit and rotatable by the shaft for, in turn, rotating the cutting bit for cutting, an electrical switch provided on the body for controlling operation of t

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