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Liu; Xiong
Singapore, SG
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8233232 Method and data storage device with a snubber supported on an actuator and having a distal edge July 31, 2012
A data storage apparatus and associated method is provided involving a data storage disc that is rotatable around a first axis. An actuator is rotatable around a second axis to operably position a data transfer member between an innermost radial location of the data storage disc and
8120868 Data storage medium having system data stored in a guard band between zones of consecutive data February 21, 2012
A storage medium format is provided having a first band of a plurality of consecutive data storage tracks having user data stored thereto, a second band of a plurality of consecutive data storage tracks having other user data stored thereto, and a guard track medially disposed therebetwe
7891249 Multi-axis vibration method and apparatus February 22, 2011
A vibration test apparatus is disclosed. The vibration test apparatus includes a platform assembly, which receives a vibration input from a vibration source and imparts a multi-axial vibration to a test specimen on the platform assembly. In illustrated embodiments the platform assemb
7872827 Impact protection for a retractable control object January 18, 2011
Various embodiments of the present invention are generally directed to protecting a device from damage due to an impact event at the conclusion of a free fall condition through the use of a biasing signal that maintains a retention force until the impact event is completed.
7675712 Ramp structure with inclined contact surface March 9, 2010
An apparatus for unloading a moveable member comprises a ramp structure with an inclined surface. A lift tab of the moveable member advances along the ramp structure to the inclined surface while pivoting about a pivot point to undergo an increase in elevation above a base surface. The
7532437 Slider having transducers orientated in different directions May 12, 2009
Transducers are oriented differently to address the skew phenomenon. This enables a greater area of the medium to be utilized for data storage, thereby increasing the storage capacity of the device implementing embodiments of the present invention.
7483238 Shock absorbing device for an enclosure January 27, 2009
A shock absorbing device for an enclosure. The shock absorbing device including a shock absorbing frame. The shock absorbing frame includes an inner surface coupled adjacent to the enclosure and an outer surface. The shock absorbing device also includes a plurality flexible shock bumpers
7457075 System and method for reducing ZAP time and track squeeze in a data storage device November 25, 2008
A method and apparatus for compensating for errors in servo systems. An improved zero acceleration path (ZAP) correction technique is provided, wherein selected tracks of a data storage device are used for ZAP processing in order to reduce the overall time required to perform error c
7405893 Data storage medium with optimized servo format July 29, 2008
A data storage medium and data storage system with improved efficiency of formatting are provided. One illustrative embodiment of the present invention pertains to a data storage medium. The data storage medium includes a first zone having servo information written with a first frequ
7352523 Ramp unload in disc drives April 1, 2008
Embodiments of the present invention provide for apparatus and methods for performing unload operations, including enabling read/write heads to reach a desired velocity at the ramp. Embodiments of the present invention are particularly beneficial for handheld products where low power
7349174 Soft sensor for operating shock in a disc drive March 25, 2008
A method of preventing a write operation to a disc in a disc drive during a shock event without the use of a separate shock sensor comprises steps of monitoring an actuator voice coil motor (VCM) control plant output signal, generating an actuator voice coil motor (VCM) plant model modul
7330328 Random number generation using back electromotive force (BEMF) values February 12, 2008
Method and apparatus for generating a random number, such as for use in a security protocol to control access to a data processing system. A processor generates the random number in relation to a back electromotive force (BEMF) value. The BEMF value is preferably obtained in response to
7328118 Method of determining the mass unbalance of an actuator February 5, 2008
The present invention is a method of determining mass unbalance of an actuator mechanism in a system. The method includes calculating a center of gravity in first x and y components with respect to a first coordinate system of the actuator mechanism. The method also includes calculating
7259933 Velocity control system for an actuator assembly August 21, 2007
A method for generating a velocity command for an actuator assembly is provided. The actuator assembly includes an actuator arm, which is to move over a plurality of surfaces. The method begins by providing a compensation torque for each of the plurality of surfaces. A position of th
7167882 True random number generation January 23, 2007
True random numbers are generated from position error signals or like signals. The generator is not dependent on a potentially biased reference or threshold, and is capable of quickly generating true random numbers on demand. The present invention can be implemented as an integral fu
7082007 Method to achieve higher track density by allowing only one-sided track encroachment July 25, 2006
A disc drive includes a transducer having a separate element for writing information and a separate element for reading information to and from the disc. In a disc drive designated to read and write long sequential records, the track misregistration budget is reduced to account for p
6954325 Method and disc drive for writing servo wedges October 11, 2005
A method and disc drive are disclosed that write servo wedges to a plurality of tracks of a disc. A head having a read element offset from a write element reads a servo wedge on a first track as a propagation guide and writes two or more servo wedges to be used as a subsequent propagatio
6937427 Method and apparatus for measuring the back EMF of a disc drive VCM August 30, 2005
An apparatus and method of measuring a back electromotive force (BEMF) voltage of a disc drive voice coil motor (VCM) is provided in which a temperature of the VCM is obtained. The BEMF voltage of the VCM is computed as a function of the temperature of the VCM.
6862155 Squeeze evaluations that account for low frequency components, in a controller usable in a data March 1, 2005
Position error values are obtained from a transducer head while following a plurality of servo tracks with a servo loop that band-blocks a frequency range that includes F, a nominal rotation frequency. An estimated difference distribution is derived from the position error values, the
6856485 Biased retaining ring for disc drive February 15, 2005
A disc drive having a pivot cartridge and an actuator assembly. The actuator assembly consists of an actuator body which has a bore therein to receive the pivot cartridge. The actuator body further consists of an opening which serves as a ledge to engage a biased retaining ring. The
6853511 Average position error measurement in a data storage device February 8, 2005
A number of data pairs, each data pair comprises a write-to-read track misregistration (WRTMR) value and an average position error margin (APE) value, are determined for a data storage device. Each of the data pairs is associated with a unique predetermined non-repeatable runout (NRRO) e
6829115 Method and apparatus for measuring half frequency whirl in a spindle motor December 7, 2004
An apparatus and method of indirectly measuring half frequency whirl in a spindle motor having a rotor adapted to rotate a disc having a track which is followed by a transducer head that is actuated by a control system is provided. Vibration signals produced at the transducer head while
6771441 Track mis-registration measurement for a disc drive August 3, 2004
An apparatus and method of predicting functional capability of a data storage device having a plurality of information tracks, comprising performing a DC erase on three adjacent information tracks, writing a predetermined bit pattern on a middle track of the three adjacent informatio
6765737 Variable track densities on a recording medium to compensate for non-repeatable runout (NRRO) er July 20, 2004
A disc drive includes a base and a disc rotatably attached to the base. The disc has an inner diameter and an outer diameter and a plurality of tracks. Information is written on the plurality of tracks. The plurality of tracks are written at a variable track pitch. The tracks positioned
6754030 Optimal reader-to-writer offset measurement of a head in a disc drive for reduced track misregis June 22, 2004
A method of and apparatus for generating a reader-to-writer offset for a head positioned over a track on a disc in a disc drive having a plurality of tracks is disclosed. A reader and a writer are mounted on the head in a non-overlapping manner with a gap between the reader and the write
6687094 Head actuator for a data storage head having a low mass with lateral stiffness February 3, 2004
An actuator having a relatively low mass for supporting flexible head suspension assemblies to read data from or write data to discs. The actuator includes an actuator body adapted to rotationally coupled to a base chassis of the disc drive and a yoke assembly including yoke arms ext
6661614 Magnetless actuator for disc drive December 9, 2003
A magnetless rotary actuator for carrying one or more read/write heads across a data bearing medium, the rotary actuator comprising: a stator including a plurality of independently controllable flux generating means for directing flux between the stator and a rotor; the rotor including
6654198 Repeatable run-out error compensation method for a disc drive November 25, 2003
Steps for isolating and correcting total written-in repeatable run-out error written into servo sectors of a disc drive include, determining a total repeatable run-out error value for each servo sector, isolating a repeatable error value component of the total written-in repeatable r
6628471 Detection and cancellation of cage frequency using the clock head in a servowriter September 30, 2003
The magnitude and frequency of runout due to vibration of the cage of the spindle motor is detected. A plurality of servo patterns are written to a reference track having a clock pattern on the disc, and the plurality of servo patterns are then read over a plurality of revolutions of the
6606214 System and method to minimize bearing pivot effect in disc drive actuator August 12, 2003
A disc drive is provided which incorporates a rotatable actuator which is mounted to a base of the disc drive through a pivot mechanism. The actuator positioning is controlled by a servo system and during track following operations, the actuator arm is caused to move. In one embodime
6590739 Disc clamp with shape memory alloys July 8, 2003
A disc clamp made from a shape memory alloy is configured for tight fit between an upper ledge of a spindle hub and the upper surface of a disc when the disc clamp is in an austenitic phase. In a martensitic phase, the disc clamp is configured for easy assembly over the spindle hub. The
6487035 Method and apparatus for adaptive feedforward cancellation November 26, 2002
A method and apparatus are provided for generating an adaptive feedforward cancellation signal for a next sector of a disc in a disc drive. The cancellation signal includes at least one tap weight multiplied by at least one trigonometric function. To form the cancellation signal, the
6476995 Method and apparatus for reducing track misregistration from servo track writing November 5, 2002
An HDA includes a base, a disc stack coupled to a spindle rotatably attached to the base by a spindle shaft and spindle bearing. An actuator assembly is pivotally attached to the base at a pivot shaft. Attached to one end of the actuator assembly proximal the disc stack is one or more
6453722 Integrated test system for a disc drive pivot bearing and actuator September 24, 2002
Disclosed is a method and apparatus for determining the dynamic characteristics of a desired component of an actuator assembly. Further, said method and apparatus are capable of determining the dynamic characteristics independent of any drive servo electronics. The system and method
6414817 High friction disc support member to increase disc drive mechanical shock resistance July 2, 2002
Apparatus in a disc drive for improving resistance of a disc drive disc stack to radially directed mechanical shocks. A disc is disposed about a rotatable spindle motor hub. Opposing first and second disc support members (such as a disc clamp, disc spacers, or a hub flange) circumfer
6411471 Low friction bearing pivot for disc drive June 25, 2002
A pivot mechanism is disclosed for mounting a rotatable actuator on a base of a disc drive. The pivot mechanism is made up of a shaft on which a housing is rotatably mounted by a lower ball bearing set and an upper bearing provided by co-acting surfaces of the shaft and the housing.
6256173 Apparatus for isolating vibration in pivot bearing assemblies July 3, 2001
An apparatus for isolating vibration in pivot bearing assemblies that is incorporated in a standard pivot bearing assembly without requiring modification of the pivot bearing assembly. Washers are used between the pivot bearing assembly and the base plate of a disc drive upon which the

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