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Linder; Ernst
Muhlacker, DE
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5386807 Device for adjusting the rotational angle relationship between a camshaft and its drive element February 7, 1995
The adjustment device for continuously adjusting an angular orientation of a camshaft of an internal combustion engine relative in relation to a drive wheel of the engine, has a servomotor including a rotary piston nonrotatably attached to the camshaft and a plurality of adjusting se
5370355 Magnetic valve December 6, 1994
A magnetic valve for controlling a flow opening of a connection line for guiding fluid, particularly fuel,valve has a valve housing having a guide bore hole, a valve member displaceably supported in the guide bore hole and bringable into contact with a valve seat encircling the flow open
5343834 Device for adjusting the rotational angle relationship between a camshaft and its drive element September 6, 1994
A device for adjusting a rotational angle relationship between a camshaft and its drive element, comprising two circular segment shells provided on the drive element together with an interposed part forming two working spaces therebetween. The both shells are connected to one of the cams
5327869 Fuel injection device for spark-ignition internal combustion engines July 12, 1994
Fuel injection device for spark-ignition internal combustion engines having a pump and a distributor with a reversing valve, which distributor is preferably driven at pump speed and has a stationary and a rotating part. The reversing valve is arranged inside the rotating part of the
5245971 Fuel-injection pump for internal-combustion engines September 21, 1993
A fuel-injection pump, especially a direct fuel injection in spark-ignition internal-combustion engines, with at least one pump for generating a fuel flow under pressure and with a rotary slide valve moved synchronously with the drive shaft of the internal-combustion engine and intended
5165369 Hydraulic valve control apparatus for a multicylinder internal combustion engine November 24, 1992
A hydraulic engine valve control having a reservoir chamber, which is assigned to a pressure chamber of a valve tappet and has a reservoir piston, which at the same time serves as a valve by which the reservoir chamber can be disconnected from the pressure chamber. The reservoir pist
5113812 Valve control apparatus with magnet valve for internal combustion engines May 19, 1992
A hydraulic drive control device for internal combustion engines, having a reservoir magnet valve for controlling a volume of oil in a stroke transmission chamber, in order to control a timing cross section of the engine valve, wherein the magnet valve is closed when without current, and
5113811 Hydraulic valve control device for internal combustion engines May 19, 1992
A hydraulic valve control with a (hydraulic) fluid reservoir allocated to a pressure chamber of a magnetic lifter, with a reservoir piston, reservoir, and reservoir spring, in which the pressure chamber is arranged between a cam piston actuated by the driving cam and a valve piston, the
5056309 Internal combustion engine, particularly Otto engine October 15, 1991
A multiple cylinder internal combustion engine comprising an exhaust recycling system including an exhaust return line connected with an exhaust manifold of the internal combustion cylinder and exhaust metering device comprising a first metering member connected with a throttle valve
5020728 Fuel injection nozzle for internal combustion engines June 4, 1991
Fuel injection nozzle for internal combustion engines, in which a pre-injection is effected with directed fuel sprays and then a main injection is effected with an additional fuel umbrella spray. The individual phases are to run in exact timed sequence and the main injection is to be
5014668 Method and system for adjusting the lambda value May 14, 1991
A method and a system for adjusting the lambda value of an air/fuel mixture to be supplied to an internal combustion engine wherein a throttle flap is adjusted in each case in such a manner that lean operation is obtained in a lower load range and a stoichiometric operation (lambda=1) is
4932376 Control system for the transient operation of an internal combustion engine June 12, 1990
A known control system for adjusting the lambda value of an internal combustion engine includes a corrective value ROM for transient operation wherein corrective values are stored for correcting the injection times for transient operation. In contrast thereto, the system according to the
4856482 Method of controlling the demagnetization phase of electromagnetic devices, especially of electr August 15, 1989
In a method for controlling the demagnetization phase of electromagnetic devices, particularly electromagnetic valves in combustion engines, the exciting current i=i(t), starting from a high holding current value, is decreased not to zero or even to a negative value, but to a value in th
4831986 Fuel injection pump May 23, 1989
A fuel injection pump, preferably for internal combustion engines operating by the Otto method, having a pump work piston driven to reciprocate and rotate simultaneously and defining two mutually independent pump work chambers, is proposed. The first pump work chamber pumps fuel into the
4779596 Device for injecting fuel into combustion chambers of internal combustion engines October 25, 1988
Device for injecting of fuel into internal combustion engines with an injection jet is provided with a stretched tension wire as a locking spring element for an outwardly opening valve locking member. The pretension of the tension wire is influenced by the current flow in an electric
4765288 Valve control arrangement August 23, 1988
A valve control arrangement for controlling closing and opening time of a valve actuatable by a valve control cam of a cam shaft via an axially displaceable valve plunger, in a displacement piston-internal combustion engine, the valve control arrangement comprises a stroke transmitting
4728273 Rotary piston compressor March 1, 1988
A rotary piston compressor, particularly Root's type compressor, includes a housing which is made of only two portions, one of which is cut-shaped and accommodates pistons rotating in opposite directions, and the other of which is formed as a cover closing the end face of the first porti
4718923 Device for removing solid particles from exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine January 12, 1988
A device for the removal of solid particles, particularly soot particles, from exhaust gas discharged from an internal combustion engine includes an electrofilter comprised of a plurality of parallel filter tubes each having a separator tube connected to a positive terminal of a high vol
4690373 Magnetic valve for fluid control September 1, 1987
The magnetic valve for fluid control in a fuel injection nozzle includes a valve housing having a magnetic coil mounted on a core of ferromagnetic material and an armature, which is connected to a valve closing element cooperating with a fixed valve seat. After the excitation of the magn
4671221 Valve control arrangement June 9, 1987
A valve control arrangement for internal combustion engines with reciprocating pistons, comprises a housing having a housing opening, a valve piston axially displaceable in the housing opening, a valve closing spring, a valve plunger on which the valve piston acts against the valve c
4667639 Distributor injection pump for internal combustion engines May 26, 1987
A distributor injection pump for internal combustion engines includes a high pressure pump for generating fuel injection pressure, a slide valve for defining fuel amounts to be injected and a piezoelectric adjustment member which actuates via a control chamber filled with fuel the slide
4653447 Arrangement for controlling the quantity of fuel to be injected into an internal combustion engi March 31, 1987
The invention is directed to an arrangement for controlling the quantity of fuel to be injected into an internal combustion engine. The arrangement includes at least one electrically operated control device determining the beginning and/or the end and/or the duration of the injection of
4649703 Apparatus for removing solid particles from internal combustion engine exhaust gases March 17, 1987
An apparatus for removing solid particles from internal combustion engine exhaust gases is proposed, in which the flow of exhaust gas travels at a high speed of more than 2.5 m/sec through an elongated tube (4), in which a corona discharge takes place from a coaxial spray disk/electrode
4646705 Exhaust gas return control system for an internal combustion engine March 3, 1987
An exhaust gas return control system for internal combustion engines is proposed, which includes an apparatus case 19 in which a servo motor 45 is disposed, which through a driving gear 47 and a driven gear 36 drives a threaded spindle 35 on which an exhaust gas valve closing member 41 i
4633837 Method for controlling fuel injection in internal combustion engines and fuel injection system f January 6, 1987
To control the fuel injection pressure, in particular in high-pressure injection in self-igniting internal combustion engines, the pumping or supply phase of a cam-driven, intermittently operating pump piston of a fuel injection pump is determined by the closing time of a relief-metering
4542727 Internal combustion engine operating control system and method September 24, 1985
To modify engine operation and reduce the tendency of the engine to knock or ping, a knocking signal is generated which is representative of knocking intensity and/or frequency of knocking occurrence, and compared with a permissible knocking signal. The result of the comparison is ut
4523559 Internal combustion engine June 18, 1985
The internal combustion engine has at least one combustion chamber, an inlet conduit leading to it, and an adjustable means for varying flows of a medium, such as air or a fuel-air mixture, flowing into the combustion chamber for the sake of an optimized acceleration of curves defined by
4522174 Method for the injection of fuel and fuel injection apparatus for performing the method June 11, 1985
A method for injecting fuel directly into a given combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine with externally supplied ignition in which the supply of air to the combustion chambers may be either throttled or unthrottled. To assure unobjectionable operation both at partial load a
4514656 Combination sparkplug and combustion process sensor April 30, 1985
To permit adjustment of the combination sparkplug-optical sensor for heat transfer upon operation of the sensor-sparkplug combination as a sparkplug, in accordance with known sparkplug technology, the insulator of the sparkplug is formed with a central opening in which a material is
4512452 Slip clutch April 23, 1985
A slip clutch for transmitting torque between a drive motor having an output member and a generator having an input member has a transmitting element including a spring element with a friction element, and a ventilator is connected with one of the members for joint rotation therewith
4499867 Arrangement for controlling a internal combustion engine equipped with glow plugs February 19, 1985
The invention is directed to an arrangement for controlling an internal combustion engine equipped with glow plugs. The arrangement includes a heat-control circuit for controlling the temperature of the glow plug and an ancillary control circuit which can be a fuel control circuit for
4496455 Polarographic sensor and sensing system for determining oxygen content in gases January 29, 1985
The linearity of response of a polarographic sensor, of the diffusion-limited current type, having a solid electrolyte (1) and being particularly adapted for measuring oxygen content in exhaust gases from combustion processes, is improved by providing the anode (2b) of the sensor's f
4494727 Electrically controllable valve January 22, 1985
To provide for extremely short valve operating time periods, in the order of up to 10.sup.-5 seconds, for example, a valve element (3, 33, 53, 63, 73, 93) is slidable within a bore (2, 52), movable by a spring (10, 60) or by applied hydraulic pressure (P), and restrained from movement by
4489596 Spark plug with measuring means December 25, 1984
An elongated plate element, for example of aluminum oxide, or a metal plate which is coated with an insulator such as aluminum oxide, is retained within a hollow spark plug insulator (15) by a sealing mass (38), for example a sinter compound, sintering together the plate element (37) and
4478613 Apparatus to remove solid particles and aerosols from a gas, especially from the exhaust gas of October 23, 1984
To remove solid particles such as soot, aerosols, and the like, from the exhaust gas of an internal combustion (IC) engine, for example a Diesel engine, the solid particles and aerosols are first charged in an electrostatic field which is generated between a solid surface (2), prefer
4475524 Device for admitting exhaust gases and fuel-air mixtures into the cylinders of an internal combu October 9, 1984
A device is proposed for the supply of operating air-fuel mixtures including exhaust gases to internal combustion engines. Between the opening periods of the inlet valves of an internal combustion engine, precisely dispensed quantities of recirculated exhaust gas are pre-stored in th
4474163 Device for the improvement of combustion in internal combustion engines October 2, 1984
An apertured shield is disclosed having spring tongues, pointing radially inwards, each of the tongues having two lateral limiting edges and a longitudinal extent terminating in an irregular edge all of which edges define together an aperture. Adjacent spring tongues are overlapped in an
4468949 Apparatus for detecting operating data of an internal combustion engine September 4, 1984
An apparatus is proposed for detecting operating characteristics of an internal combustion engine. It has an optical sensor whose output signal is delivered to an amplifier with a variable transmission behavior. As a result, it is possible to have either a stepped or a continuous adaptat
4438363 Electrically controlled mechanical positioning device March 20, 1984
To provide for extremely fast response of positioning of a positioned element (3) operating within a guide bore (2) formed in a housing (1), upon application of a force, for example by loading of a spring (14), the element (3) is a hollow body (4) within which a stack assembly (5) of
4428195 Rotary vacuum pump January 31, 1984
A rotary vacuum pump is proposed, having a rotor with vanes which rotates eccentrically within a housing bore. Each vane is coupled with a body which is ineffective at relatively low pump rpm; however, at higher rpm, the body engages the vane in such a manner that it removes the vane fro
4426986 Apparatus for controlling the exhaust gas recirculation rate in an internal combustion engine January 24, 1984
An apparatus is proposed for controlling the exhaust recirculation rate in an internal combustion engine, in particular an engine with auto-ignition, which includes preferably one mixture valve in the area of the discharge opening of the exhaust recirculation line and which is characteri
4425788 Combustion monitoring system for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine January 17, 1984
To permit individual evaluation of the combustion processes in the respective cylinders (1a-d) of an internal combustion (IC) engine (2), individual optical pick-ups (3a-d; 4a-d) are coupled to the respective cylinders, the output signals either in optical or electrical form are cond
4422323 Combustion process observation element construction December 27, 1983
To permit cleaning of the window of a combustion process sensor, a light pick-up element (12) is located in a housing holder (11) which is formed with a terminal flange (11b), seated against an extended flange (6) of a window structure (5) fitted in an opening (3) with a seating step (4)
4418672 Fuel supply system December 6, 1983
A fuel supply system for mixture-compressing internal combustion engine with externally-supplied ignition is proposed, which serves to form the most optimal possible fuel-air mixture. The fuel supply system includes a primary mixture formation unit disposed in the intake manifold and at
4412446 Optical combustion sensor, particularly for use with internal combustion engines November 1, 1983
To provide for improved cleaning of an optical combustion sensor, particularly to determine knocking in an internal combustion (IC) engine, a pick-up element made of glass, glass-coated or covered metal or the like, and, for example, hollow inside and filled with a vaporizable and co
4404841 Optical combustion sensor system September 20, 1983
To determine proper operation of a combustion sensor, and to normalize the output signals derived from a pick-up having a window exposed to the combustion chamber (10) by compensating for soiling, contamination, and loss of transmissivity of the window due to combustion residue, soot, or
4394855 Internal combustion engine with externally supplied ignition having an ignition chamber associat July 26, 1983
An ignition chamber device is described which has an elongated, rotationally symmetrical form. The wall of the ignition chamber which protrudes into the main combustion chamber of the internal combustion engine has a coaxial overflow conduit embodied by a nozzle and radially extendin
4393687 Sensor arrangement July 19, 1983
The sensor arrangement to determine oscillations arising upon knocking of a combustion engine uses at least one optical receiver, known per se, in the combustion chamber, preferably a glass rod 12 or a light guide cable of glass fibers 20. The optical receivers are either integrated in t
4389373 Heated ion current sensor for high temperatures June 21, 1983
To guide gas to the electrode of a high temperature sensor, a substrate (1), for example of ceramic or ceramic-coated metal has electrodes (3, 4; 7, 8; 16, 17) applied thereto, for example in meander pattern, spaced from each other. A heater is applied to the substrate, either on the sam
4384828 Sliding vane compressor May 24, 1983
A sliding vane compressor for use in refrigeration systems includes a rotatable hollow shaft, a cylindrical compressor rotor which surrounds the shaft, end covers enclosing the compressor rotor and a pair of vanes disposed within the rotor to compress a working medium entering the rotor.
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