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Lin; Hua Hsiang
Kowloon, HK
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D389875 Inflatable jumping toy January 27, 1998
6571405 Large capacity reinforced swimming pool June 3, 2003
A large capacity reinforced swimming pool for use in an above-the-ground environment includes a flexible plastic liner for containing water. The liner includes a continuous sidewall and a bottom wall bonded to the sidewall by a joining seam. The continuous sidewall is formed from a p
6299420 Dual action air pump October 9, 2001
An air pump is a dual action manually driven with a piston and two intake and two exhaust check values that respectively operate with one intake port and one exhaust port. These check valves operate in tandem with each other during each pumping stroke, either up or down. During each pump
6296459 Electric air pump having multiple impellers and method October 2, 2001
An electric air pump having multiple impellers parallel mounted on the same motor shaft and typically employed for providing a source of low pressure, high volume air for charging inflatable devices. The multiple impellers provide improved motor efficiency in heat dissipation and air vol
6287095 Internal air pump for inflatables September 11, 2001
An internal air pump for charging inflatables with air and method therefore is disclosed which is directed to an air pump mounted internal to an inflatable device for injecting air therein. The inventive air pump is a thin-walled, lightweight, highly elastic, flexible plastic constructio
6257550 Drain valve adapter for aqueous container July 10, 2001
A drain valve adapter is for use with a hose and a drain valve mounted to a container, wherein the drain valve of the container defines a passageway for aqueous solution. The drain valve adapter comprises a tubular body having a mating member and a plunger member which are in fluid c
6164314 Oversized air valve for use with inflatable devices and method December 26, 2000
An oversized air valve for use with inflatable devices typically in an above-the-ground swimming pool or an inflatable mattress is disclosed. In its most fundamental embodiment, the oversized air valve for use with inflatable devices includes a construction having an outer housing and a
5813946 Inflatable jumping toy and method September 29, 1998
An inflatable jumping toy typically employed in a play area by children performing jumping exercises is disclosed. The inflatable jumping toy comprises a construction incorporating a large torodial-shaped tube utilized as a base element and a vertical retainer wall mounted upon the t

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