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Lill; Melvin H.
San Jose, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5243665 Component surface distortion evaluation apparatus and method September 7, 1993
A system is disclosed which operates to collect high resolution three-dimensional surface mesh data from mechanical components which are used for component evaluation. The system includes a multidimensionally movable fixture mount for holding the mechanical components. A structured l
5182614 Two-dimensional profile detection system January 26, 1993
The invention disclosed herein relates to a detection system for a profile line on an observed body which uses a linear array of sequentially energized energy beam emitters to project beams toward the body. Reflections of the beams are detected by a linear array of energy beam receiv
4523844 Determining toe of rear and front vehicle wheels June 18, 1985
An improved method, and apparatus for performing the method, is disclosed for measuring and correcting the individual toe of pairs of steerable and non-steerable wheels of a vehicle relative to a longitudinal centerline passing through the midpoints of the wheel pairs. The improved metho
4500201 Individual toe measuring system February 19, 1985
An apparatus and method is disclosed which utilizes modified wheel aligner heads and which accomplishes measurement of individual wheel toe on a vehicle having a pair of non-steerable rear wheels and a pair of steerable front wheels. The apparatus and method provides measurement of a ste
4402603 Four wheel alignment apparatus and method September 6, 1983
Apparatus and method are disclosed by which toe is measured relative to a vehicle centerline or a nonsteerable wheel rolling direction for all four wheels on a vehicle having a pair of front steerable wheels and a pair of rear nonsteerable wheels. An alignment head is placed on one of th
4375130 Method for adjusting the toe of the steerable wheels on a vehicle relative to the average rollin March 1, 1983
A method is disclosed by which, through the use of known wheel alignment equipment including wheel mounted alignment heads and targets, the off-track condition between the rear and front wheel pairs of a vehicle and the rear wheel total toe is initially measured to determine if it is
4344234 Apparatus and method for measuring rear wheel toe with respect to chassis centerline August 17, 1982
An electronic aligner head is mounted on one rear wheel of a vehicle. The aligner head projects a light beam toward the front wheel on the same side of the vehicle. A centering gage is adapted to contact lower points on the inner flanges of each of the rear wheel rims. A lateral arm is c
4180915 Runout compensation in vehicle wheel alignment measuring apparatus January 1, 1980
In certain wheel alignment measuring apparatus, a fixture is clamped to the rim of a wheel and an alignment sensor is pendulously mounted upon the fixture so that as the wheel is rotated the sensor will not rotate with the fixture. However, since the plane of the fixture is not necessari
4154531 Time base swept-beam wheel aligning system May 15, 1979
A wheel alignment measuring system for measuring front wheel toe including a laser beam light projector mounted on a front wheel of a motor vehicle which projects a beam of light onto a pivotally mounted front mirror on the projector which oscillates back and forth through a ten degree a
4150897 Wheel-mounted vehicle wheel aligner April 24, 1979
A light projector mounted on a front wheel of a vehicle uses a single laser to develop a beam which is split into a pair of light beams. The first light beam is projected to a calibrated mirror mounted on an adjacent rear wheel and is reflected to a target mounted near the projector on t
4143970 Wheel alignment method and apparatus March 13, 1979
An improved method and apparatus for aligning the front wheels of a motor vehicle utilizing a beam projector and detector assembly on each wheel and an electronic computing means for determining the toe angles of the wheels in response to measured toe signals generated by the detectors.
4130362 Apparatus for determining steering positions of the front wheels of a vehicle December 19, 1978
An electro-optical apparatus for determining, during caster angle measurement procedures, when the front wheels of a vehicle have been turned into a first desired steering position oriented in one rotative direction from a "straight-ahead" position and have thereafter been turned to
4097157 Vehicle wheel aligner for measuring front wheel toe with respect to the rear wheel axis of rotat June 27, 1978
A light projector mounted on a front wheel of a vehicle provides a pair of light beams. The first light beam is projected to a roof mirror mounted on an adjacent rear wheel and is reflected to a first target mounted with the projector on the front wheel of the vehicle. The toe angle of t

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