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Lever; John G.
Spartanburg, SC
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7772415 Radiation absorbing compositions, methods and articles incorporating such compositions August 10, 2010
Infrared (IR) radiation absorbing compounds of metal or metalloids with ligands are beneficial for many applications. Schiff base biquinone (SBB) ligands surrounding a metal or metalloid center may be used for laser welding applications, as one example, wherein effective infared radiatio
7630591 Optical fiber substrate useful as a sensor or illumination device component December 8, 2009
This disclosure generally pertains to a method for manufacturing a distributed optical fiber scrim comprising a functional optical fiber, the functional optical fiber scrim thus manufactured, and composites in which an optical fiber scrim is incorporated. The present disclosure descr
6639116 Simplified methods of making 1,3-cyclohexadiene October 28, 2003
Novel condensation reactions used to produce 1,3-cyclohexadiene. Such a compound is an important precursor in the manufacture of high performance plastics, as one example, are provided. In the past, the production methods for such 1,3-cyclohexadiene required very complex reactions in
6555599 Antimicrobial vulcanized EPDM rubber articles April 29, 2003
Ethylene-propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber-containing articles that exhibit highly desirable long-term effective antimicrobial characteristics are provided. Such articles are in either solid or blown (foam or sponge) state (or combinations of both in multilayered forms) that can be u
6544621 Floor covering articles comprising antimicrobial adhesive latex components April 8, 2003
Floor covering products, such as carpets, carpet tiles, floor mats, and the like, which comprise very specific antimicrobial adhesive latex formulations therein are provided. Such formulations comprise, as the only antimicrobial active ingredients, certain inorganic antimicrobial com
6518339 Aldehyde emission reduction for dibenzylidene sorbitol clarified plastics February 11, 2003
An additive that is used in conjunction with certain dibenzylidene sorbitol-type (DBS) clarifiers and acid scavengers within polyolefin resins to reduce the release of aldehydes from polypropylene material is disclosed. Hydrazides have been shown to be effective at removing residual
6500964 Method of producing high yield alditol acetals with mineral acids and surfactants December 31, 2002
This invention relates to a process for preparing alditol acetals, such as dibenzylidene sorbitols, monobenzylidene sorbitols, and the like, through the reaction of unsubstituted or substituted benzaldehydes with alditols (such as sorbitol, xylitol, and ribitol) in the presence of a mine
6455610 Antimicrobial pre-vulcanized rubber compositions September 24, 2002
Certain non-silicone pre-vulcanized raw rubber formulations that include silver-based compounds to provide highly desirable long-term antimicrobial characteristics within the ultimate cured rubber articles made therefrom are provided. Such formulations are intended to be vulcanized to pr
6448306 Antimicrobial articles made from nitrile or natural rubber September 10, 2002
Certain butadiene and/or natural rubber articles, such as acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR), natural rubber, and derivatives thereof, that exhibit highly desirable long-term effective antimicrobial characteristics. Such formulations are intended to be vulcanized to provide solid o
6342212 Antimicrobial adhesive latexes and methods of making thereof January 29, 2002
Broadly defined adhesive latex formula s exhibiting antimicrobial properties. Such formulations comprise certain antimicrobial compounds, such as, preferably, metal-containing ion-exchange and/or zeolite compounds, are provided. The inventive latex formulations must also exhibit subs
6187456 Method of inhibiting color change in a plastic article comprising silver-based antimicrobials February 13, 2001
This invention relates to improvements in inhibiting undesirable discoloring of plastic articles within which silver-based antimicrobials have been introduced. Such a method requires the utilization of very low amounts of acid scavengers or stabilizers such as aluminum-magnesium hydr
6087537 Method of producing dialkyl- and trialkyl-substituted benzaldehydes July 11, 2000
This invention relates to a process for preparing specific substituted benzaldehydes through the reaction of substituted benzenes with carbon monoxide and aluminum chloride at a relatively low pressure, at a low temperature, and in the presence of at most a catalytic amount of an acid
6048662 Antireflective coatings comprising poly(oxyalkylene) colorants April 11, 2000
This invention relates to antireflective coatings comprising polymeric polyoxyalkylenated colorants. More particularly, the present invention relates to antireflective coatings for utilization in forming thin layers between reflective substrates and photoresist coatings. Such antiref
5973043 Carbamoyl substituted acetals and compositions containing the same October 26, 1999
A diacetal of a polyhydric alcohol is provided having at least one carbamoyl substituent bonded to an oxy group of the alcohol. The compound is useful as a nucleating agent in polymer resins and as a gelling agent.
5071440 Method for temporarily coloring article with acid labile colorant December 10, 1991
An article may be temporarily colored by application of an aqueous solution of a polyoxyalkylene substituted chromophore characterized by a N.dbd.pair with an electron withdrawing group bonded to one element of the pair and an electron donating group bonded to the opposite element. The
4992204 Irradiation detection and identification method and compositions useful therein February 12, 1991
A method for tagging one or a mixture of natural or synthetic materials comprising contacting the same with one or a mixture of tagging compounds containing one or more non-ionic luminophore moieties attached to at least one poly(oxyalkylene) moiety by means of a linking moiety; wherein

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