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Lee; El Hang
Daejeon, KR
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6163554 Optical fiber raman laser December 19, 2000
An optical fiber Raman laser includes an optical fiber which is a nonlinear optical medium, for implementing a nonlinear Stokes frequency shift; a wavelength-division multiplexing optical fiber coupler means, coupled to said optical fiber in parallel, for separating each Stokes frequency
6074936 Method of fabricating a quantum device June 13, 2000
A method of fabricating quantum wire structures and devices, and quantum dot structures and devices comprise steps of: depositing an insulating layer on a semiconductor substrate, forming a line patterns and a square patterns in an insulating layer, forming a V-grooved patterned structur
6060704 Photodetector for simultaneous recognition of multiple wavelengths, and method therefor May 9, 2000
For a multiple transmission communication system, how to individually isolate the transmitted lights and then to distribute to the terminals has been primary concerns to be solved. In the photodetector structure, an absorption layer may be configured as either multiple quantum well s
6033972 Growing method of GaAs quantum dots using chemical beam epitaxy March 7, 2000
The formation of self-assembled GaAs quantum dots on (100) GaAs via chemical beam epitaxy (CBE) technique using triethylgallium (TEGa) and arsine (AsH.sub.3) is disclosed. GaAs quantum dots are easy to grow from Ga-droplets which are successively supplied with arsine with neither pat
6019008 Linear motion apparatus under ultra high vacuum February 1, 2000
A linear motion apparatus for moving an object in a vacuum chamber comprising an antenna or a telescoping shaft such as a fishing rod to effectively utilize space, and to avoid the need of a rear projection thereby achieving stability. The linear motion apparatus includes: a body hav
5858818 Formation of InGaSa p-n Junction by control of growth temperature January 12, 1999
An epitaxial growth method for a compound semiconductor thin film, capable of forming a p-n junction with an atomic-scale ultra-micro structure is disclosed. The method involves loading the compound semiconductor substrate in a reaction chamber, injecting Group V and III metal organic
5824453 Fabricating method of GaAs substrate having V-shaped grooves October 20, 1998
Disclosed is a fabricating method of a GaAs substrate having a V-shaped groove in a higher density, that is a double density, the method comprising the steps of forming a Si.sub.3 N.sub.4 layer on a main surface of the GaAs substrate; patterning the Si.sub.3 N.sub.4 layer using a pho
5822355 Dual cavity laser October 13, 1998
A dual cavity laser having a positively mode-locked structure capable of double increasing the repetition rate of output light. The dual cavity laser includes an amplitude modulator to simultaneously generate two modulating signals with opposite phases. The dual cavity laser has a si
5790579 Semiconductor laser device for pulse laser oscillation August 4, 1998
A pulsed semiconductor laser has a lower threshold current and a more stable pulse train. The structure includes a saturable absorber section has a quantum well structure for laser oscillation, a gain section, a phase control section, and a super structure grating-distributed Bragg r
5774217 Measurement of nonlinear refractive index coefficient of optical fiber by Sagnac interferometer June 30, 1998
A measurement of nonlinear refractive index coefficient of an optical fiber with a Sagnac interferometer, comprises the steps of employing the optical fiber in a Sagnac interferometer, splitting a signal beam into two signals, launching the two split signals into the interferometer in
5770475 Crystal growth method for compound semiconductor June 23, 1998
A crystal growth method for a compound semiconductor is capable of forming a plurality of quantum wells (formed of a barrier layer having a large energy band gap and an active layer having a small energy band gap) on the compound semiconductor substrate. After etching a V-shaped groove h
5734665 Optical fiber laser March 31, 1998
An optical fiber laser is disclosed capable of generating an ultrashort pulse which has intensive energy and is stable against polarization by using a sagnac loop mirror and a Faraday rotator mirror, which includes a light pumping laser diode; an erbium doped fiber-added optical fiber; a
5731889 Wavelength division demultiplexing device, and system using it March 24, 1998
A wavelength division demultiplexing device, and a system using the device are disclosed, in which there is utilized a Pabry-Perot etalon using as a spacer layer a Kerr medium in which the refractive index is varied in accordance with the intensity of beams. The wavelength division d
5710051 Method for manufacturing a single electron transistor by using a scanning tunneling microscopy January 20, 1998
A method for the manufacture of a single electron transistor (SET) in a vacuum state, wherein the SET operates in room temperature, comprises the steps of: approaching an Au tip of a scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) on top of a silicon-substrate having a silicon oxide layer on top the
5623140 Nonbiased bistable optical device having a lower mirror having a plurality of reflective layers April 22, 1997
Disclosed is a nonbiased bistable optical device and a method for fabricating the device, which has a semi-insulating GaAs substrate; a lower mirror having a plurality of reflecting layers which are repeatedly formed on said substrate at least more than twelve times, each of said ref
5592319 All-optical signal processing apparatus of non-linear fiber loop mirror type January 7, 1997
An all-optical signal processing apparatus of a non-linear fiber loop mirror type comprises a very high-speed all-optical switch that can be used as a reverse multiplexed switch in a high-speed time division optical communication. The apparatus includes a non-linear loop mirror for s
5548431 Bidirectional multi-channel optical ring network using WDM techniques August 20, 1996
A bidirectional multi-channel all-optical ring network is provided, this network comprising a number of nodes linked by optical cables, each of the node comprising two of WDM/WDDM, packet switching devices, and a node controller, in which network a first optical signal group of wavelengt
5524118 Wavelength-varying multi-wavelength optical filter laser using a single pump light source June 4, 1996
A wavelength-varying multi-wavelength optical filter laser using a single pump light source is disclosed. The laser comprises a wavelength-division multiplexing coupler for applying an output from a single pump light source, a first multi-branch optical fiber coupler for branching the li
5500047 Apparatus for adsorbing atomic hydrogen on surface March 19, 1996
A surface adsorption apparatus for dissociating H.sub.2 molecules into atomic hydrogen in a vacuum vessel and adsorbing the atomic hydrogen on a sample surface is disclosed. A vacuum tube is mounted in the vacuum vessel. A nozzle is connected to the vacuum tube having a plurality of
5488231 Metal/semiconductor junction Schottky diode optical device using a distortion grown layer January 30, 1996
A metal/semiconductor junction Schottky diode optical device using a distortion grown layer is described. A plurality of GaAs mirror and AlAs mirror layers are periodically grown on a semi-insulating GaAs substrate. An n+ or p+ semiconductor layer is formed on the GaAs mirror and AlAs
5450507 Fiber-optic address detector in photonic packet switching device and method for fabricating the September 12, 1995
A fiber-optic address detector comprises fiber-optic delay lines on one surface of which a metal thin film is evaporated, the fiber-optic delay lines being connected in a melting state to fiber-optic couplers, wherein inputting address photonic signals are tapped by the inputting fiber-o
5448080 Ultrafast optical switching device having a double-junction multiple quantum well structure September 5, 1995
Disclosed is an ultrafast optical switching device having two types of multiple quantum well structures to be connected with each other, the device comprising a semi-insulating substrate; and a first and a second multiple quantum well structure formed sequentially on the substrate and
5321498 Planar integrated crossover optical system June 14, 1994
The present invention relates to planar integration of an optical system. The optical system is an integration of a crossover switching network having several optical elements such as mirrors, lenses, beam splitters etc., spatially separated on a single wafer using an acute-angle prism

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