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Larson; Lynn D.
Lincoln, NE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6163907 Removable mattress top assembly December 26, 2000
A mattress top assembly for a mattress includes a pad filled with cushioning material and a plurality of connector straps attached along the head, foot, arid side edges of the pad and removably connected to the side wall of the mattress. The mattress includes one part of a cooperable
6112350 Air mattress with stacked high and low pressure chambers September 5, 2000
An air mattress and method adapted to provide firm posture support and comfort, and to be supported on a flat surface. The mattress comprises a low pressure bag having a size and shape adapted to support a person during rest. A high pressure bag is adapted for inflation to a pressure
6098223 Inner spring mattress with firmness adjusting air bladders August 8, 2000
An inner spring mattress with firmness adjusting air bladders, the inflation pressure of which defines the mattress firmness. A plurality of inflatable bladders are disposed within the mattress. The bladders may span the entire width of the mattress. Alternatively, the width of the m
6058537 Pressure control apparatus for air mattresses May 9, 2000
A pressure control apparatus includes an air pump which is pneumatically connected to an air mattress, with an air pressure sensor in the mattress for detecting the current air pressure within the mattress. A central control unit is interconnected with the pressure sensor and the air pum
6047423 Air mattress with firmness adjusting air bladders April 11, 2000
A fluid-filled mattress with firmness adjusting air bladders is provided wherein the individual bladders may be individually inflated and deflated to provide precise firmness adjustment. Further, a computer control of the bladders may be utilized to adjust the firmness of the air bladder
6016582 Air support pillow top assembly January 25, 2000
An inflatable pillow top includes a fabric case with an inflatable bladder contained therein. The inflatable bladder is coextensive with the fabric case, and the mattress upon which it is secured. The bladder may be inflated by a conventional air pump with a pressure control, or it may b
5948303 Temperature control for a bed September 7, 1999
A temperature control apparatus for a bed includes at least one heating element, mounted in a resting surface on a mattress of the bed for warming at least a first are(a of the resting area. A temperature sensor is located to detect the temperature of the first area of the resting area,
5898963 Adjustable support cervical pillow May 4, 1999
The cervical pillow of the present invention includes an elongated air tight casing with a resilient cushion mounted at one side thereof. An inlet valve in the casing permits air flow into the cushion portion. A conduit extending from the cushion portion into an air chamber in the re
5353454 Adjustable lumbar support for flotation systems October 11, 1994
A water mattress construction is provided with a tray providing a cavity adapted to support a liquid filled bladder, with at least one lumbar support member positioned intermediate the bladder and the tray, the lumbar support being slidably adjustable along the longitudinal axis of t
5335380 Spring insert for cushioning insert August 9, 1994
A spring insert for a waterbed mattress includes a plurality of spring bellows units arranged in upright relation within the mattress. Each bellows unit has a top wall and pleated sidewall which is collapsible from a normal expanded height to a shortened compressed height wherein the
5253377 Waterbed mattress with bellows spring insert October 19, 1993
A waterbed mattress includes a spring insert having a plurality of open ended bellows spring units arranged in upright relation within the mattress. The pleated peripheral side wall of each bellows spring unit enables it to be collapsible from a normal expanded height to a shortened
5247713 Waterbed mattress liner tray September 28, 1993
A waterbed mattress liner tray includes a bottom wall, headwall, footwall and opposite sidewalls integrally formed into an open-topped water retaining tray. Each sidewall is formed with a spring portion which is compressible under a downward load but which is spring biased to expand to
5245716 Flotation system with liner tray September 21, 1993
A water mattress construction including a bladder-holding tray, which includes a plurality of corners which include deflection capabilities. Each corner includes a suspended floor portion which includes a gap thereunder to allow the suspended floor portion to deflect downwardly upon
5159725 Waterbed mattress with bellows spring insert November 3, 1992
A spring insert for a waterbed mattress includes a plurality of spring bellows units arranged in upright relation within the mattress. Each bellows unit has a top wall and pleated sidewall which is collapsible from a normal expanded height to a shortened compressed height wherein the
5131104 Water bed covering corner securement system July 21, 1992
A bed covering corner securement system consisting of a three sided corner apparatus having an inner and outer surface, a generally horizontal semirigid base and two upright semirigid sides. The sides and base form a corner section of a cube for receiving a corner of a waterbed mattress.
5117520 Bed covering securement system June 2, 1992
A bed covering securement system for a waterbed mattress includes a friction strip secured to the bed covering engagement surface of the peripheral sidewall of a waterbed liner. The friction strip is of a shape and material such that the coefficient of friction between the strip and
5090075 Waterbed draining system including vacuum relief valve February 25, 1992
A waterbed draining system utilizes a vacuum relief valve operatively associated with a waterbed mattress bladder, or alternatively with the drain hose or water pump, to automatically provide air flow into the bladder upon the vacuum pressure within the bladder exceeding a predetermi
5074001 Waterbed mattress insulation with heat transfer holes at a greater density towards foot end of m December 24, 1991
An improved waterbed mattress includes a bladder having a layer of insulation material extending substantially from end to end and side to side therein, which insulation material has a plurality of generally upright holes opening through the top and bottom surfaces thereof for improv
5060328 Waterbed mattress with spring insert October 29, 1991
A waterbed mattress includes a spring insert comprising a plurality of spring bellows units arranged in upright relation within the mattress. Each bellows unit has a top wall and pleated sidewall which is collapsible from a normal expanded height to a shortened compressed height wherein
5056171 Waterbed mattress air bleeder valve October 15, 1991
A standpipe to facilitate bleeding of air through the flexible filler spout of a waterbed mattress includes an elongated cylindrical tube adapted for a frictional slide fit within the spout end fitting so as to afford a substantially liquid tight seal between the tube and end fitting. A
5022108 Waterbed mattress with heater pad pocket June 11, 1991
A waterbed mattress apparatus adapted to increase waterbed heting mat efficiency. The apparatus includes a waterbed mattress having a mat receiving opening therein and mat receiving pocket having an open end and a closed end, the open end sealed to the mat receiving opening and situa
4575886 Fiberous wave-dampening apparatus March 18, 1986
An apparatus for dampening wave action in a waterbed is disclosed. The apparatus consists of a fibrous member bonded to a flexible foam member which is positioned inside a waterbed bladder. The coaction of the fiber and foam dampens waves generated in the water and also provides improved
4389741 Waterbed frame assembly June 28, 1983
A waterbed assembly having a horizontal base attached at its periphery to a vertical containing wall forming an open coffer box capable of accepting a waterbed mattress is disclosed. An internal cavity in the containing wall is adapted to allow sheets and bedding to be tucked therein. Th
4240859 Method of making a water bed mattress December 23, 1980
A vacuum formed water bed mattress providing a pair of large flat opposite parallel sides and four narrower sides joined to form a substantially right regular parallelopiped is disclosed. One of the large flat sides is made of a heat resistant material. The other flat side and four narro

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