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La Barbera; Atanasio
Palermo, IT
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6127723 Integrated device in an emitter-switching configuration October 3, 2000
An integrated device in an emitter-switching configuration comprises a first bipolar transistor having a base region, an emitter region, and a collector region, a second transistor having a charge-collection terminal connected to an emitter terminal of the first transistor, and a quenchi
6091276 Device in an emitter-switching configuration with means for recovering the electrical charge dur July 18, 2000
A device in an emitter-switching configuration comprises a high-voltage transistor having a first terminal connected directly to a first power terminal of the device, a control terminal connected to a control terminal of the device, and a second terminal. The device also includes a l
6084286 Integrated device in an emitter switching configuration and with a cellular structure July 4, 2000
An integrated device comprises a high-voltage transistor and a low-voltage transistor in an emitter-switching configuration integrated in a chip (400) of semiconductor material comprising a buried P-type region (120) and a corresponding P-type contact region (405) which delimit a portion
6057578 Protective integrated structure with biasing devices having a predetermined reverse conduction t May 2, 2000
An integrated structure comprises a protective Zener diode connected between a first and a second terminal of the structure, and is formed in a chip of semiconductor material within an insulating region. The structure includes first and second biasing Zener diodes connected back-to-back
5986411 IC for implementing the function of a DIAC diode November 16, 1999
The present invention relates to an integrated circuit adapted to perform the function of a diode of the DIAC type, the circuit having an input terminal and an output terminal. The circuit includes a first input transistor having a first terminal connected to a fixed voltage reference,
5830783 Monolithic semiconductor device having an edge structure and method for producing said structure November 3, 1998
A monolithic semiconductor device having an edge structure that facilitates integrating high power devices an logic devices on the same substrate. The semiconductor device includes on a substrate of a first type of doping, a control region of a second type of doping, which is provided wi

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