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Lhermite; Francois
Lasserre, FR
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8174243 Power supply controller and method therefor May 8, 2012
In one embodiment, a switching controller uses an auxiliary winding voltage of a transformer to form a signal representative of current flow through a secondary winding of the transformer. The controller is configured to limit a current through a secondary winding to a maximum value.
7986536 Method of forming a power supply controller and structure therefor July 26, 2011
In one embodiment, a switching controller uses an auxiliary winding voltage of a transformer to form a signal representative of current flow through a secondary winding of the transformer.
7719249 Soft-start circuit and method therefor May 18, 2010
In one embodiment, a soft-start circuit is configured to form drive pulses that increase in width independently of the current through the power switch during a first portion of the soft-start operation period.
7447601 Power supply controller method and structure November 4, 2008
A power supply controller determines the value of an input power and uses the value of the input power to regulate a value of the output voltage.
7443699 Negative current compensation method and circuit October 28, 2008
A power supply controller (10, 60, 70) uses a negative current (36) of a power transistor (16, 71) to detect the valley point for enabling the power transistor when driving an inductor (17). The negative current occurs when the inductor is de-magnetized and can be used for controlling
6477066 Method and apparatus for reducing audible acoustical noise in a power supply transformer by shap November 5, 2002
An apparatus for reducing audible noise in a power supply (16) is provided. The apparatus comprises a shaper circuit (258) located on the secondary side (204) of a transformer (200) that is operable to control the shape of the current through a primary side inductor (222). By changing th
6469484 Power supply circuit and method thereof to detect demagnitization of the power supply October 22, 2002
A regulator circuit (26) operates a switching power supply (10) in discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) by detecting the state of demagnetization of a transformer (16) of the switching power supply. When a primary current (I.sub.p) reaches zero the voltage across a drain and a source
6392906 Circuit and method for a pulse width modulated May 21, 2002
A pwm controller 10 which includes a Vcc node (pin 6); a start-up current source 180 connected to the Vcc node; and a driver circuit 150, 190 also connected to the Vcc node, wherein the pwm controller 10 is arranged to operate in a first phase in which the start-up current source supplie
6369552 Regulated auxiliary power supply April 9, 2002
A charge pump apparatus and a method for operating a charge pump power supply having an input and an output, the output coupled to a load, and the load having a bulk capacitor coupled thereto for providing a voltage source for the load. A source of varying voltage is provided as an input
6208538 PWM control apparatus March 27, 2001
A Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control circuit is used in a switched-mode power supply (SMPS) having a normal mode and a standby mode, for controlling and regulating the SMPS. An input of the PWM control circuit is arranged to receive a signal indicating an amount of current supplied
6177782 Circuit and method of controlling a regulator with an output feedback signal and devoid of an in January 23, 2001
A power factor correction controller circuit 100 for controlling the duration of each on time phase and off time phase of a switched inductor power factor correction circuit 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 which is adapted for use with a rectifying arrangement 9, 10, 60, 70 producing a substantially
5471167 Circuit for use with a feedback arrangement November 28, 1995
A feedback circuit (10) for use with a feedback arrangement includes an input terminal (12) for receiving a feedback signal from an output of the feedback arrangement. An output terminal (14) is coupled to a regulating arrangement of the feedback arrangement. A sampling arrangement (16)

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