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Kuroki; Yuzuru
Sapporo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5388105 Method of recording/reproducing optical disk data February 7, 1995
A method of recording and reproducing data on and from a rewritable optical disk used for recording/reproduction of data on a sector by sector basis. A dummy block or a parity subject to error detection and correction coding is additionally recorded at the rear of a data block on a secto
5359584 Data recording/reproducing method and apparatus having means for reliable detection of unrecorde October 25, 1994
In recording data on a disk-shaped information recording medium having formed thereon a plurality of concentric or spiral tracks each being divided into a plurality of sectors each having an ID field and a data field, a data mark is selected from a plurality of distinct data marks ac
5073887 Optical disk recording and reading system with directory data access mechanism December 17, 1991
Directory data relating to user data are recorded in sectors of a checkerboard pattern or in sectors on every other track in a directory data area on an optical disk. The sectors which store the directory data are always flanked by adjacent virgin sectors in a direction normal to the
5054017 Optical information reproducing apparatus October 1, 1991
In the reproduction of data from one of N-frame sectors of an optical disk, data marks representing the front ends of the respective frames of a desired sector are detected and counted. When the number of the data marks is more than a predetermined value M (1<M.ltoreq.N), the reproduc
5051998 Data block deinterleaving and error correction system September 24, 1991
A deinterleaving and error correction system which is advantageously utilized in a playback system of an optical recording disk apparatus. As each block of sector data, encoded for example with the Reed-Solomon error correction code with block interleaving, is read from the disk, the

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